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About the History Project

The Mission of the USAT History Project is to produce a comprehensive and factual history of the sport based on research, data, oral, written and visual histories and input from elite and age group triathletes, individuals, management personnel, race directors, sponsors and others.

The Purposes of the project are: 

  • Contribute to the background and understanding of the sport's evolution
  • Provide a data base of past information and for future records, awards, articles, books, marketing material, organization and management of events
  • Assist the Hall of Fame Committee and other current and future committees of USAT to have access to historical information
  • Aid development and maintenance of one or more museums
  • Provide safe, permanent storage for history files and artifacts and accommodate ready access and retrieval.

Major Objectives are: 

  • Age Group "Pioneers"
  • Anecdotes
  • Conferences and Clinics
  • Hall of Fame inductees
  • International participation
  • Kids activities; Museum(s)
  • Officiating
  • Olympic sport application and participation
  • Oral, written and visual statements, CD's, exhibits, memorabilia
  • Policies
  • Project funding
  • Publications
  • Races and results
  • Rules
  • Significant milestones
  • Sponsors

Triathletes, family members and friends, race directors, officials, sponsors, management personnel, editors, writers and others are invited and urged to provide files, statements, memorabilia and other relevant information.

Members of the History Project Team are Morgen McIntosh Hodgetts, Chris Hunter, Al James, Brad Leonard, Missy LeStrange, Verne Scott, and Barry Siff, with Jim Jimison and Alan Schmeiser members emeritus and Susan Kovarik, USAT staff liaison.

For inquiries, suggestions, contributions, and to help the project, please contact Brad Leonard, P.O. Box 1177, Missoula, MT 59806,, 406-542-7067.