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2011 USA Triathlon Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is to recognize an individual or organization whose volunteer leadership in the multisport movement has been transformative and who has mobilized and unified athletes, programs and organizations that improve the events, youth or others affiliated with the sport.


Eligible applicants must have been engaged in the sport for the 2011 season.


Nominations will be submitted through an application to the USA Triathlon National Office by December 15, 2011.  The recipient should have the following characteristics/affiliations and be able to defend the submission with examples that support the criteria:

  1. Explain the volunteer’s significant contributions to the multisport movement.
  2. What roles and responsibilities has the nominee taken on to improve the sport?
  3. Describe how the nominee has provided considerable interest, organizational support for you, and/or others?
  4. How has the nominee demonstrated creativity and leadership in their volunteering efforts?
  5. What makes this person’s contributions unique?
  6. Explain the nominee’s passion for the multisport lifestyle, event, or activity on which this nomination is based?


The USA Triathlon Age Group Sub-Committee will decide one male and one female annual award winner and up to five honorable mentions from the applications received.


  • Date application is available online – November 3, 2011
  • Last date application accepted – December 15, 2011
  • Age Group Awards Sub-Committee reviews applications – January 15, 2012
  • Nominee notified – February 7, 2012 via Multisport Zone


The Volunteer of the Year Award will be announced by USAT the week of February 6, 2012.  The winner(s) will appear in Multisport Zone in its first unveiling with subsequent coverage in USA Triathlon Magazine.   


Please copy and paste the application information below in an email to

Nominated by:


City, State, Zip:

Daytime Phone:

Email Address:

Name of Nominee:

Address of Nominee:

City, State, Zip:

Daytime Phone:

Email Address:

Please explain how this nominee is deserving of the Volunteer of the Year Award. Include information specific to each of the six criteria presented above.

Supporting Material Link/Attachment 1 (if applicable):

Supporting Material Link/Attachment 2 (if applicable):