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USA Triathlon is fully committed to ensuring doping has no place in the sport of triathlon. USADA works with USA Triathlon, as well as all National Governing Bodies, in its anti-doping efforts.

Here are just a few questions you may have about the anti-doping process as it relates to age group athletes:

Why are age group athletes being tested?
USADA is fully committed to protecting the rights of clean athletes, and just as the temptations and pressures to cheat aren’t limited to elite athletes, the right to compete on a fair and level playing field shouldn’t be limited to elite athletes either. Athletes of all levels should have the reassurance that they do not need to cheat in order to compete and succeed in their sport. USADA continuously works to protect these rights and works closely with USA Triathlon to understand where the potential for cheating exists.

How are athletes chosen for testing?
USADA works with USA Triathlon to develop a plan for testing, which at a competiton can often include specific place finishers as well as random selections from the field. So, just as an example, that plan may be the top finishers in given categories, and then places such as 10th, 12th, 15th , 18th, 25th, 42nd, 87th, etc. All athletes, however, should understand that they are subject to testing.

Will age group athletes only be tested on race day?
Simply put, the overwhelming majority of age-group athletes will only ever experience a doping control during a competition. It is still important to understand however, that a critical component of USADA’s drug testing program is the Out-of-Competition test, and in its efforts to protect the rights of clean athletes, reserves the right to test any NGB member athlete in a no-notice, out-of-competition setting.

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