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Warm Soups and Chowders for Cold Weather

By Katie Davis

soupThere is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold winter day. Because many of us across the United States have already experienced record-low temperatures this season, I thought this week’s article should bring some warmth … to your belly. Here is a collection of soup and chowder recipes that are not only delicious but can help improve your performance, too.

What makes a good soup? A source of protein, complex carbohydrate, a bit of healthy fat, plus lots of veggies. Note any modifications to the recipes listed below each recipe link. Stay warm!

White Bean Chicken & Chili — Giada De Laurentiis
Get the recipe at:

This soup is loaded with inflammation-fighting fat, lean protein and antioxidants. Love! Yes, I know it has a lot of ingredients, but that is where you get the flavor. I recommend you cut out the added salt (you'll get enough in the broth). If you are a spicy wimp like me, cut out the red pepper flakes as well. Pair with a salad and a piece of fruit and you have a yummy meal.

Crock Pot Minestrone — Taste of Home
Get the recipe at:

Warm, delicious soup ready for me when I walk through the door? Yes, please! I recommend you cut out the pepperoni and use whole-wheat elbow macaroni. Add some fruit for a complete meal.

Lentil Soup — Giada De Laurentiis
Get the recipe at:

Yes, I used two recipes by Giada. If her food wasn't so tasty, this wouldn't be a problem. Lentil soup is one of my absolute favorites! For this recipe, double up on the celery and carrots. Personally I would leave out the pasta, but if you want it, use a whole-wheat variety. Pair with a whole-wheat pita (if you didn't put pasta in the soup) and a salad.

Simple Turkey Chili — AllRecipes
Get the recipe at:

A great soup to end with — traditional chili (well … almost). Using lean ground turkey will substantially lower the saturated fat level (vs. ground beef). For this recipe, I recommend leaving out the salt. If it was me, I also wouldn't add the cayenne pepper (again, spicy wimp). Pair with some fruit and a small piece of cornbread (because it's chili …).

Katie Davis MS, RD, CSSD, LDN has a mission to help ordinary athletes become extraordinary competitors by using whole-food based nutrition to improve athletic performance. She is the owner of RDKate Sports Nutrition Consulting, based out of Naperville, Ill., where she offers expertise in sports nutrition, eating disorders/disordered eating, intuitive eating and weight management for sport. Katie holds a master’s degree in nutrition with an emphasis in exercise physiology. She is both a registered dietitian and one of only 550 RDs in the United States to be board-certified as a specialist in sports dietetics. As a runner, triathlete, snowboarder and rock climber, Katie understands the physical and mental challenges of being a top athlete. Katie has previously consulted with NCAA Division I & Division III, NFL and NBA athletes; she truly brings both her knowledge and experience to the table as sports dietitian. Katie is available for individual consulting, team talks and group seminars. Visit her website at; from there you can navigate to her weekly blog, Eat to Compete, and connect with her on Twitter orFacebook. Contact her directly at