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Craig Hanken (July 3, 2014)

July 3, 2014

With USA Triathlon recently releasing its Requests for Proposals (RFP) for its 2014 and 2015 women's collegiate varsity triathlon events, USA Triathlon Draft Legal Race Specialist Craig Hanken hosts this webinar surrounding the topic of race production. Geared toward race directors, Hanken covers everything relating to background information on draft-legal event production and NCAA event requirements.

Click HERE for the full webinar.

Jess Luscinski (April 18, 2014)

APRIL 18, 2014

In USA Triathlon’s first-ever NCAA Webinar, Jess Luscinski, USA Triathlon’s NCAA and Collegiate Triathlon Coordinator, shares an overview of NCAA programming. Beginning with the explanation of what an Emerging Sport is and the meaning for women’s triathlon and continuing with a dive into the co-existence of collegiate club and NCAA programming. This webinar is designed to give a basic overview of the impact of NCAA women’s triathlon on coaches and athletes, as well as a brief presentation of the inaugural 2014 women’s triathlon season and insight into the next steps.

Click HERE for the full webinar.

Topics Covered
What is an Emerging Sport?
What does it mean that women’s triathlon has been named an Emerging Sport for Women by the NCAA?
How being an NCAA Emerging Sport will be different than the collegiate club system
What impact might this have on triathlon coaches?
What will NCAA women’s triathlon competition look like?
What are the next steps?