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The purpose of this program is to support awareness, understanding and safety for the sport of triathlon. The maximum grant amount that the commission may award is $300. This does not mean that the full amount will be awarded. Grant amounts will be determined based upon the overall quality of the event. Please note the grant standards set forth below: 

  1. Purpose- The event must educate participants on competitive rules and promote safety and awareness of the sport of triathlon or duathlon. Possible events could be workshops, community/public sport programs or portions of camps that are dedicated to safety and competitive rules. Grant money can be used to offset costs associated with that portion of the clinic/workshop/camp that is associated with the subject matter for this grant (e.g. travel expenses for the presenter, mailing expenses, training materials related to this segment, other expenses as justified by the event coordinator/director.
  2. Qualifications of Presenter- The individual presenting the information on safety and/or competitive rules must be either a USA Triathlon Certified Coach or Certified Official. Other credentials may be considered if neither resource is available for the event.
  3. Eligibility of Events- Grants for events will be awarded based upon how clearly the program meets USAT Age Group Commission objectives. These grants are not intended to fund race week activities and will not be approved for pre-race talks and rules reviews.
  4. Administration- Applications should be submitted to the Age Group Committee through its Chair ( They will be reviewed shortly after receipt. All applicants will be notified in a timely manner. Grant recipients are required to provide evidence that the required session took place in accordance with the requirements of the grant. Event administrators are also required to provide an evaluation to participants. Completed evaluations will be provided to the USAT Age Group Commission. These evaluations must be sent within two weeks of the event. Failure to meet these requirements will result in an automatic ban to receive future grants.

Event Grant Application - Download in either Word or PDF format.