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The mission of the USA Paratriathlon Committee is to further the sport of paratriathlon through recruitment, education and outreach.

Committee Members

In the Fall of 2011, USAT created new membership for the USA Paratriathlon Committee that is focused on grassroots initiatives.  Current Committee members include:

  • Mike Lenhart (Chair)
  • Keri Schindler (Vice-Chair)
  • Deanna Babcock (Secretary)
  • Travis Ricks
  • Ami Cole
  • Kim Romanchuk
  • Eric Averill
  • Colin Grove
  • David Kyle

Jack Weiss (Board Liaison)
Amanda Duke (Staff Liaison)  

2013 Committee Goals and Objectives

  1. To form an efficient mechanism of communication among committee members.  Consider the use of current technology platforms/trends (Internet, mobile applications, blogs, social media) to best support this goal.
  2. To meet regularly and consider the best ways of communicating with those interested in paratriathlon as participants, supporters, coaches/trainers, and organizations with programs towards development of the sport.
  3. To make timely reports on all committee activities to the Board of Directors and in public forums as appropriate.
  4. To conduct an in-person mid-year committee meeting at the USA National Paratriathlon Championship (Austin, TX).  Conduct an awareness/educational/social “meet-and-greet” with paratriathletes in conjunction with the race.
  5. To create a database of US paratriathletes of all ability levels, named races deemed to be "paratriathlon-friendly", and other relevant data for public consumption as appropriate.
  6. To continue USAT clubs’ development of initiatives that has specific focus for integrating paratriathletes into their annual programming.
  7. To have a demonstrated presence within the 10 USAT regions that includes: Committee liaison relationships to regional councils, attendance at regional events such as expos, paratriathlon championship races, and educational forums.
  8. Increase membership on the USA Paratriathlon Committee as appropriate to address growing responsibilities, key alignment relationships with the 10 USAT regions, and subject-matter expertise in areas of specific interest for both elite and participatory paratriathletes.
  9. To perform any other duties as specifically requested by the USAT Board of Directors.