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The USA Triathlon Women's Committee provided an opportunity to USA Triathlon certified clubs to apply for three matching, reimbursable $1,500 grants. Application information for the grants is posted below. Deadline for submittal is May 2, 2011 and recipients will be notified by May 9.

I.     Requirements
II.    Application Process
III.   Selection Process


I. Requirements

A. Clubs soliciting grant monies must provide matching funds. Matching portion of the grant can be met through:

  • Sponsor dollars
  • Club dollars
  • In-kind donations

B. Proof of open selection for any instructors related to activity; Invoices must be provided for reimbursement after activity is completed

C. A post-activity report detailing the number of participants (including names and email addresses),  mandatory participant survey on the effectiveness and success of the activity, solicitation of suggestions for improvement by coaches and activity coordinators, and future activities.

D.  Examples of activities eligible for funding through grant monies:

Skills Clinics led by a female USAT-Certified Coach for...

  • Women who are first-time participants
  • Women returning to the sport after a period of absence (raising a family, etc.)
  • High school and collegiate-level female athletes to promote triathlons
  • Mother and son/daughter clinics


II. Application Process

Applications must be submitted via email to the Women’s Committee for selection. The application should address the following requirements and questions:

  • Detailed description of the activity including target audience, number of participants, relative age and skill level of participants and proposed locations
  • Proposed budget for the activity
  • Description of source for matching grant funds
  • Timeline
  • Contact information for those involved in the planning of the activity
  • Has this activity been held before? If so, when?
  • Is this an annually re-occurring event?
  • If so, is it anticipated that grant monies will be required next year or is there a model for self sustainability?
  • How does this activity tie-in to promoting girls/women in multisport?


III. Selection Process

The Women’s Committee will review all applications and make the selection based on compliance with grant requirements.