Thinking of Joining USA Triathlon?

Be a part of our 550,000 member community of multisport athletes. Membership benefits include a subscription to the quarterly USA Triathlon magazine, discounts from USA Triathlon partners, inclusion in the national rankings, excess accident insurance at events, and savings at races. To see why you should join or renew today, visit the membership benefits page. Already a member? Login below.

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Partnership Opportunities exist for a variety of USAT programs, including National Events, National Teams Program, Conferences and Clinics, Regions, Clubs, Youth-specific outreach and can be implemented in magazine and newsletter advertising and promotions, event signage, website banners, and product giveaways, among other options. All programs will be customized to fit your organization’s goals. Partnership levels will be discussed once program package goals are defined. Partnership packages include both cash and value in kind components.

Why Partner with USA Triathlon?

Brand Authenticity

USA Triathlon is the core of multisport. USA Triathlon works to develop, promote, and coordinate professional and grass-root multisport events throughout the United States. USA Triathlon is also responsible for the development, selection, and training of athletes to represent the United States in world championships and Olympic competition.

Enhancing your brand image by positioning yourself with one of the most intriguing and exciting sports is why many of our marketing partners view their relationship with USA Triathlon as a strong tool in their marketing platform. Aligning your product with a sports property as dynamic, driven, and intense as triathlon brings a strong dimension to your brand.

Brand Loyalty

Few other sports can boast the demographics of the average member of USA Triathlon. In a study recently conducted, more than 50 percent of USA Triathlon members earned over $100,000 in household income. These active consumers, who are always looking for the next item, are those who will view your relationship with USA Triathlon as modern and innovative.

Not only does USA Triathlon provide your brand a genuine relationship to multi-sport, your brand also gains a tremendous amount of brand loyalty from USA Triathlon members. More than 86 percent of USA Triathlon members have indicated that they would be more likely to purchase a USA Triathlon partner's product over that of a non-partner's competing product.

Sponsorship Overview

Download the USA Triathlon Sponsorship Overview, which contains information on USAT demographics, constituents, sponsorship elements, national events, sponsorship opportunities and more. Click here to download. (PDF)

More Information

If you would like to discuss how USA Triathlon might help obtain your marketing objectives, please contact or 719-884-5608.