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The USA Triathlon Nominating and Governance Committee is pleased to announce the election results of the 2011 national board, regional council, AAC, athlete director and amendment proposals.

Thank you to all the candidates who participated and to all the members that voted. Volunteers are essential to USAT’s mission. The Committee encourages all members to give back by becoming involved in the governance of triathlon.


Brian Harrington, Chair

Congratulations to the following winners:

National Board of Directors

Mid-Atlantic Region
Bob Wendling

Northeast Region
Kevin Sullivan

South Midwest Region
Jack Weiss

Midwest/Rocky Mountain/Pacific Northwest Region
Barry Siff

Regional Council Members

Florida Region
Heather Butcher, Jackie Miller, John Letourneau, Jim Sheets, Carl Knutsson, Emily Jetton, John Jones, Christine T. San Agustin, Linden S. Fenton

Mid-Atlantic Region
Otis Hopson, Cory Churches, Bill Hauser, Robert Drew Vigorito, Alan E. Morrison, Ken Modica, Marc Schneider

Mideast Region
Jim Weaver, Jennifer Finn

Midwest Region
Brandon Johnson, Alex Syhlman, Tom Mertz

Northeast Region
Pam Zawada, Justin Model, Frank Duncan, Joan Murray, Darian Silk

Pacific Northwest Region
Matthew Parks

Southeast Region
James Boylan, Mike Lenhart, Charles Kaelin, Frank Pittman, Julia Buerger, Richard Anton

South Midwest Region
Morgan Johnson, Darrick Walls, John Ricca, Desiree Margagliano, Charles Duke Gill, Douglas L. Fairchild

Southwest Region
Corey McKenna, Todd Larlee, Dave Carlson

Athlete Advisory Council (AAC)
Barrett Brandon, Zachary Britton

Athlete Director Position
Steve Sexton

Amendment Proposals

Proposal #1 - approved
Proposal #2 - approved
Proposal #3 - approved
Proposal #4 - approved