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Election Re-Vote Schedule

Ballots made available – January 21
Final day to for voting/ballots – February 20
Results announced – March 7
Deadline to protest – March 22
Deadline to hear and decide protest – April 21
Election results certified – April 22

The USA Triathlon Election Administrator is pleased to announce the re-vote election results of the 2013 national board, regional council, AAC, athlete director and amendment proposals.

Thank you to all the candidates who participated and to all the members that voted. Volunteers are essential to USA Triathlon’s mission.

Congratulations to the following winners:

National Board of Directors

Florida Region
Susan Haag

Mideast Region
Dave Kuendig

Southeast Region
Mike Wien

Southwest Region
Kevin Haas

National Board of Directors Athlete Director
Steve Sexton

Athlete Advisory Council
Gwen Jorgensen, Joel Rosinbum

Regional Council Members

Florida Region
Shaelyn Haag, Chris Myers, Thomas Reilly, Hector Torres, Linden Fenton 

Melissa Merson, Stephen Brown, L.J. White

Mideast Region
Melissa Stockwell, Keri Serota, Lesley Kruzel, Maggi Wettstein, Graham Wilson, Jeff Grady, Andrew Heintz, Robert Takla, Eric Potter, Lawrence Giannetti

Midwest Region
Kris Swarthout, Gary Bredehoft

Pacific Northwest Region
Ann Gilbert, David Cook, Ray Henderson, Amanda Djang, Curt DuPois, Mitch Horton, Blair Bronson

Rocky Mountain Region
Chris Bowerbank 

Southeast Region
Bethany Rutledge, Lesley Brainard, Frank Pittman

South Midwest Region
Staci Brode, David Young, Francis Cortese, Stacy McKinney, Jane Hresko, Mike Sexton

Southwest Region
Sharon Osgood, Christy James, Eric Davidson, Alexis Barnes, Patty Peoples-Resh, Charles Johanson, Chris Morrissey, Muhammad Rafi

Amendment Proposals

Proposal #1 – approved
Proposal #2 – approved
Proposal #3 – approved

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