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USA Triathlon's 2011 Elections

1. What is the purpose of conducting USA Triathlon elections?

USA Triathlon is a non-profit membership organization. It is comprised of a paid staff in Colorado Springs with a volunteer governance Board of Directors, an Athletes' Advisory Council, and Regional Councils. The organization governs itself based on the directives outlined in its Bylaws.


2. Are all National Board of Directors, Athletes' Advisory Council(AAC), and Regional Council members up for re-election?

No. USAT utilizes a staggered term for governance members so some seats will be up for election.


3. Can I vote?

If you are a USAT member in good standing by 11:59 pm Mountain Time on June 30 you will be eligible to vote.


4. Who can I vote for?

All members can vote for General Directors and Regional Council members from their region. Elite members can also vote for Athletes' Advisory Council members. Members who are eligible to run for Athlete Director may also vote for Athlete Directors.


5. How do I vote?

USAT has moved to a simple electronic balloting procedure. You will just have to go to our website,, go to the election section located on the homepage and click on "Vote Now‟ and follow the instructions to vote.


6. Are electronic ballots secure?

Yes. Once you vote, access to your ballot is locked and can't be changed. The level of security is as high as or higher than our past process using paper ballots.


7. Can I change my vote once my ballot has been submitted?

No. For security reasons, once you hit the “submit” key during the electronic voting process, your account is locked and nobody will have access to it.


8. What if I am unable to vote electronically?

To request a paper ballot please go to the 2011 Elections page or call Sharon Carns at (719) 955- 6020 after August 1st to receive your paper ballot.


9. What if I opted out of receiving any USAT electronic communications?

As with Question #7, to request a paper ballot please go to the 2011 Elections page or call Sharon Carns at (719) 955- 6020 after August 1 st to receive yourpaper ballot.


10. What Region do I vote in?

You must vote in the region that USAT has on file as of June 30th . To view a list of candidates and the regions they represent please go to 2011 Elections page.


11. What if I have a double residence?

The address that USA Triathlon lists with your membership will be the recognized address.


12. What if my primary residence is outside of the United States?

You will be eligible to vote for the proposed Bylaw changes only.


13. What if there is not a candidate in my Region?

There may be a region that does not have a candidate or no election is being run due to our staggered term limits. If no candidate has applied for an open seat, the Board will appoint any vacancies after the elections are complete. Vacant Athlete Director and AAC positions will be filled by rules established by the Elite Pool.


14. Can I vote more then once?

No. Once you have submitted your ballot, your account will be locked and a second attempt will not be possible.


15. Can I write-in a candidate for election?

No. USA Triathlon Bylaws do not allow for write-in votes.