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Welcome to KidZone

Triathlon is a great way to stay active and have fun. In the USA Triathlon KidZone you can learn tips for your swim, bike and run, discover the best way to set up your transition area and find ideas for healthy snacks. Miles will take you on his multisport adventures, and you can even play games and submit your own race photos. We love multisport, and we know you do too!

Rudy Project Helmet Contest
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Click here to view the gallery of helmet designs.

Download the template to design your own helmet.

What is SafeSport?

SafeSport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a game plan to make sport safe ― for everyone. Click here to learn more.

Deca Kids Club


Are you a USA Triathlon youth member (defined as ages 7-15)? Have you completed 10 or more triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons or other multisport events in your life? If you answered yes to both of these questions you should be in the Deca Kids Club and receive a special reward and recognition!

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Show us your creative side!

Send your triathlon stories, poems or drawings to us at with USAT Kids as the subject, and you may see it in an upcoming issue of USA Triathlon Kids.

Youth & Junior Nationals Tips

Hey, kids! Preparing to race at USA Triathlon Youth & Junior National Championships? We've gathered some top tips from coaches, athletes and the race director to help you get ready for your best race yet! Check out a special race preview here.


What's the easiest part of a triathlon for you?

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Play with your Food

play with your foodLooking for a fun, healthy snack to enjoy pre- or post-workout? In the fall issue of USA Triathlon Kids magazine, sports dietitian Susan Kitchen shares four recipes you can make yourself or with your team, including peanut butter apple krispies, trail mix, yogurt with homemade granola and mini turkey and cheese bites.

Find those delicious recipes and more online here. You'll also find tips specifically for youth and junior triathletes about when to fuel and how much is recommended. It's time to get cooking!

Recipes for Youth and Junior Triathletes

Miles' Tips

Miles' Tips

  • Hey, kids: When you practice swim, bike and run, don't forget to practice transitions, too! They can help improve your time in your next race.

  • Drafting is not allowed at most triathlons, so you'll need to keep three bike lengths between you and the person in front of you. If you need to pass someone, you have to pass them in 15 seconds.

  • Try a brick workout this year! You can either swim and bike, or bike and run. These workouts help you practice transitions, too.

USA Triathlon Splash & Dash Youth Aquathlon Series

A Splash & Dash, also known as an aquathlon, is a fun and fast-growing sport that combines running and swimming. The USA Triathlon Splash & Dash Youth Aquathlon Series is open to athletes ages 7-15 and features a swim/run combination.

Splash & Dash Educational Flyers (PDF)

Tri Basics
Aquathlon Basics              
KidZone Information

Click here to learn more about USA Triathlon’s Splash & Dash Aquathlon Series.

Creative Kids Corner

We love seeing your creative side! We’ve got a new KidZone section that features your multisport poems, stories, photos and more. See how kids across the country have been inspired by multisport. Want to share your own creations? Email them to with USAT Kids in the subject, and you may see your work online or in the magazine.

Spring 2015

Lego Triathlon National Championships
Check out this awesome Lego triathlon race site from Evy Guidry, 12. Can you find the transition area, expo, first aid station, water table, finish arch, podium and referee?

 lego triathlon

In Good Company
Lifelong friends Catie and Charlotte tied for first place in a race last summer. Read about their epic day in this race recap.

"The Triathlon" by Kayleigh
The sound of an air horn filled the air
Swimmers walked to the pool with their caps stuck on their hair
We dove in intervals
The time it took was less than ten minutes ...

Read Kayleigh's full poem here

Fall 2015

Learning How to Race with Diabetes
Hello, my name is Luke Rosser. I am 13 years old, and I have Type 1 diabetes. Here's my story and why I want to encourage you to live a healthy life by exercising regularly and eating healthy.

Junior Tri Talk
When Brittany Abuhoff participated in her first triathlon, she didn't see any other kids her age on the start line. Since then, she's found a community of young triathletes all over the country through USA Triathlon Skills Camps, youth and junior races and YoungTri, an organization that enables young triathletes to connect online. Read her full story here.

USA Triathlon Kids Games

Every issue of USA Triathlon Kids has fun games for you — from word searches to "What's Different?" Find the answers to all the games here.

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