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Helmet Contest

To enter the 2014 contest, download the template, print it, and design your helmet! Entries are due by Oct. 31, 2014.

2013 Rudy Helmet Contest Winner and Runners-Up

Congratulations to our 2013 winner, Corbin Mathews!

 corbin mathews
 anthony tull helmet
  2013 Winner: Corbin Mathews, age 16
 2013 Runner-Up: Anthony Tull, age 14
 brookelyn bates helmet  christian mueller helmet
 2013 Runner-Up: Brookelyn Bates, age 7
 2013 Runner-Up: Christian Mueller, age 13
 christopher villafuerte
 jenna greenhouse helmet
 2013 Runner-Up: Christopher Villafuerte, age 11
 2013 Runner-Up: Jenna Greenhouse, age 11
 leighton hill helmet  madie jinks
2013 Runner-Up: Leighton Hill, age 8 2013 Runner-Up: Madie Jinks, age 13
 rebekah rushton helmet  sydney ocleary helmet
2013 Runner-Up: Rebekah Rushton, age 17 2013 Runner-Up: Sydney O'Clery, age 8
 sydney shannon  william braun
2013 Runner-Up:Sydney Shannon, age 11 2013 Runner-Up: William Braun, age 13

2012 Rudy Helmet Contest Winner and Runners-Up

Congratulations to our 2012 winner, Trey O'Malley!

  2012 Winner: Trey O'Malley, age 11
 2012 Runner-Up: Lucy Foreman, age 10
 helmet  helmet
 2012 Runner-Up: Julia Helton, age 11
 2012 Runner-Up: Abby Welch, age 11
 2012 Runner-Up: Avery Peterson, age 12
 2012 Runner-Up: Sofia Lopez, age 11
2012 Runner-Up: Abby Welch, age 11