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USA Paratriathlon Program


Continuing in the 2015 season, there will be 5 competition categories in Paratriathlon. To learn about these categories and how to become officially classified, click here.

Learn the difference between National and International Classification.

Competition Rules

There are special rule modifications for paratriathlon races held at the domestic and international level. To read all about these rules, click here.

Paratriathlon Rankings

To learn all about the USA Paratriathlon National Rankings as well as the ITU World Rankings, click here.

Military Program

USA Paratriathlon is committed to introducing the sport to our injured military service members as well as helping our high performance military veterans continue training in the sport. For all the latest information on the military program, click here.

2013 Webinar Series

The 2013 Paratriathlon Webinar Series will run February 5-April 10.

Each webinar costs $14.99 or you can purchase the entire series for $85. The first webinar, 'Paratriathlon 101', is FREE.

Click here for more information about the series.

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On December 11, 2010, IPC announced that paratriathlon was officially accepted into the Paralympic Games and will make its debut at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.


USAT has many of the greatest elite paratriathletes the world has ever seen.

Just like the rest of USA Triathlon, there are paratriathletes of all levels: beginners all the way to competitive racers. Although paratriathletes have some additional needs and a slightly different set of rules that govern their races, they seek no extraordinary waivers or undue assistance that would set them apart from the field. In fact, it is their ability to compete at every USAT sanctioned race that makes them a vibrant part of the USAT family.

Elite Paratriathlon

Are you an elite paratriathlete? Do you aspire to become a Paralympian?

To read all about the happenings for elite paratriathlon such as elite events, event qualification, National team criteria, elite training camps, performance measures, and other elite endeavors, click here.

Grassroots Paratriathlon

Are you new to the Paratriathlon scene or looking to get more information about Paratriathlon?

Fill out this questionnaire so that USA Paratriathlon can get to know you better. Introductory Paratriathlete Questionnaire

To read more about grassroots paratriathlon activities for race directors, athletes, youth as well as the athlete development pipeline, and all things grassroots, click here.

USAT Paratriathlete Membership License

USAT Paratriathlete Annual Membership Option
A paratriathlete membership option is available for athletes who have a permanent physical or visual impairment that impacts their ability to participate in the sport of triathlon without certain rules accommodations, adaptations or special equipment.

Click here to read more about who is eligible to apply for this license.

Adults (18+) cost $45

Youth (17 and under) cost $15

Click here to download the annual membership application (writable PDF).


USAT Paratriathlon Elite Annual Membership Option
A paratriathlon elite membership option is available for elite paratriathletes who have met the qualification criteria outlined by USAT.

Click here to view the qualification criteria.

More information to come shortly about how to go about obtaining this membership type if you qualify.