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ITU World Rankings

The ITU sets the World rankings criteria. To view the criteria for 2014, click here.

To view the current World Rankings, click here.

National Rankings

An athlete’s ranking is determined by the sum of up to his/her four (4) best points scores based on the Points Table at the events listed below in a calendar year.

For 2013, ranked events include:

  • ITU London Paratriathlon World Championships
  • USA Paratriathlon National Championship (National Championship wave only)
  • UCO Endeavor Games *Selected domestic event
  • ITU San Diego (ITU Paratriathlon wave only) *Selected ITU Global Event

Points are awarded based on finishing places per gender and per USAT/ITU category.

Ranking points are only allocated if an athlete finishes the event with a finishing time no greater than 20% behind the winner in his/her category.

To be included in the USA Paratriathlon Rankings, an athlete must be an annual member of USA Triathlon and have a confirmed classification status prior to the event competition. This can be a national or international classification status.

For the National Championship, athletes will earn points based on their finishes amongst only American athletes; however, at other domestic events and international events, athletes will earn points based on their finishing position within their category amongst all competitors. For example , if a Female Tri 2 athlete competes in the National Championship and gets 2nd in her category but is the 1st U.S. athlete finisher they will acquire 400 points towards their ranking. If a Female Tri 2 athlete competes in a selected ITU global event in Canada and gets 2nd in her category (even though she might be the first American finisher), she will acquire 463 points (not 500) towards their ranking.

The rankings will be calculated and maintained by the USAT high performance team and placed on the USA Paratriathlon webpage.

For questions about the rankings process, email Amanda Duke, Paratriathlon Program Manager.

Points Table

Finish Place
(within USAT/ITU Category)
ITU London Paratriathlon World Championships
 Selected ITU Global Events

USA Paratriathlon NationalChampionships (National Championship wave only)

 Selected Domestic Events
 1 1000
 500 400
 2  925  463  370  185
 3  856  428  342  171
 4  797 396
 317  158
 5  737  366  293  146
 6  682  339  271  135
 7  631  313  251  125
 8  584  290  232  116
 9  540  268  214  107
 10  499  248  198  99
 11  462  229    
 12  427  212    
 13  395  196    
 14  365  181    
 15  338  168    
 16  313      
 17  290      
 18  268      
 19  248      
 20  229