Thinking of Joining USA Triathlon?

Be a part of our 550,000 member community of multisport athletes. Membership benefits include a subscription to the quarterly USA Triathlon magazine, discounts from USA Triathlon partners, inclusion in the national rankings, excess accident insurance at events, and savings at races. To see why you should join or renew today, visit the membership benefits page. Already a member? Login below.

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How much does it cost to become a registered club of USA Triathlon? 
To register a USAT club you must pay the $50 fee

For more information on club registration click here. 

When will my club registration expire?
All club registrations expire December 31 of each year. All clubs will be contacted in the beginning of December each year to remember to renew for the upcoming year.

How much does General Liability insurance cost?
The minimum premium is $265, plus a $15 administration fee. If your club has over 42 members, the fee is $6.20 x # of members. If your club has 42 members or less it is a flat $280 fee. Click here for details.

What does the General Liability insurance cover?
All information regarding the coverage can be found by clicking here. Questions should be directed to ESIX at 678-324-3313

Is it required to purchase General Liability or Directors and Officers (D&O) coverage from USA Triathlon in order to register my club?
No. Insurance is not required, but it is HIGHLY recommended.

When does my General Liability coverage expire?
The liability coverage is a calendar year policy, so all policies expire on December 31 each year regardless of when you pay your premium.

Why should my club purchase D&O coverage?
Complete details on the D&O coverage that USAT provides can be found here. Questions should be directed to ESIX at 678-324-3313

How much does D&O cost?
There are two different policy limits to choose from in this program. You can purchase a $1 million limit for $575 or a $2 million limit for $875 (assuming no pending or prior loss activity).

When does my D&O coverage expire?
The D&O program expires on November 1 each year.

What are the benefits of becoming a USAT registered club?
A direct benefit that the club will receive is a listing with contact information on the USA Triathlon website and access to the USA Triathlon insurance package. Registered clubs can also have access to the USA Triathlon logo to use in promotion of your club, which will help foster the growth of multi-sport in the United States.

For more information regarding the club benefits, please visit:

What are the benefits of joining a USAT registered club?
Athletes that are members of USA Triathlon registered clubs are eligible to compete in the USA Triathlon National Club Championships and Regional Club series to help their clubs win awards and prizes. In addition to tangible benefits, joining a club will improve your performance by training with like minded athletes, while giving you a social outlet to continue training to reach your goals.

How can my club use the USAT logo?
Official USAT clubs can fill out the logo approval application and fax it to our marketing department for approval. Click here to download the USA Triathlon logo standards document (PDF).

Do we have to sanction our club events with USA Triathlon?
It is not required to sanction your club events with USAT so long as your club events are not races.  If your club event is a race, even if it is only club members the risk can be the same as the risk at non club sponsored events. By sanctioning your event, the event will be covered under the sanctioned event insurance policy. For information on sanctioning, please email Sanctioning.

How can my club be eligible to compete and win awards at the USA Triathlon National Club Championships?
All clubs must be registered with USA Triathlon one (1) month prior to club nationals. USA Triathlon must receive a current roster of registered clubs at minimum 30 days outside of the event, and only those registered club rosters will be sent to the timing company for inclusion in club scoring.

When and where are the USA Triathlon National Club Championships?
Information for the 2015 USAT Club Nationals Championship can be found here.

What is the scoring procedure for the USA Triathlon National Club Championships?
Each eligible club will be divided into one of five divisions, based on the size of your club- larger teams compete against larger teams, and smaller teams compete against smaller teams. All registered athletes that appear on the club roster 30 days before the event all eligible to earn points for their club. USA Triathlon also awards points for the distance traveled by clubs. USAT awards the first, second and third place clubs in each of the five divisions at the National Club Championships.

What is the difference between an official club and a sanctioned club?
There is no such thing as a "sanctioned" club. All clubs that register with USA Triathlon may use the terminology "official". The only time the word "sanctioned" may be used is by an event that has a sanction application on file with the national office.