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Mission Statement

The mission of the National Coaching Commission is to

  1. Promote professionalism in multisport coaching and
  2. Advise USAT staff regarding coach education

The role of the National Coaches Commission includes such issues as:

  • Advancement of coaches and their knowledge
  • Coaching associations
  • The rights and interests of USAT coaches
  • Development of a program of ongoing enrichment programs such as national and international conferences
  • Appointing USOC coaches and development coaches of the year
  • Annual meeting to share ideas, concerns
  • Available pool of qualified coaches to work on projects with the USAT staff
  • Newsletter opportunities (knowledge and writing)

The National Coaching Commission serves in an advisory capacity, working with the Coach Development Manager and staff for USA Triathlon’s coaching certification and education programs.


The USA Triathlon National Coaching Commission is made up of some of the finest multisport coaches in the world. They volunteer their time and knowledge for the sport, the athletes and the coaches.

Chair: Lindsay Hyman (CO)

Member: Nancy McElwain (KY)

Member: Gary Bredehoft (NE)

Member: Tim Edwards (OH)

Member: Brian Grasky (AZ)

Member: Christine Pamquist (IL)

Member: Brooks Doughtie (NC)

Member: Graham Wilson (IL)

Qualifications and Operation Principles

All NCC member coaches:

  • Are USAT Certified Coaches LII or higher
  • Have previous or current multisport coaching experience, minimum of two years
  • Are willing to contribute between five and 10 hours to NCC projects each month
  • Commit to active participation in NCC email discussions by checking inbox items every 48 hours, at minimum, during the weekdays. NCC members will look for new messages each Monday.
  • Will notify the NCC team if they will be out of the office for extended periods of time
  • Are willing to commit to helping the NCC produce results by taking project leadership roles or by volunteering for working group tasks on project teams
  • Are willing to commit to completing projects by mutually agreed-upon due dates
  • Are committed to working in a positive, unified way with other NCC members and USAT staff and coaches
  • Are willing to attend an NCC meeting annually or semi-annually
  • May not be full-time employees of USA Triathlon
  • Must be a U.S. resident