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Certified coaches must recertify every two years in order to remain informed on the latest knowledge and expertise and to provide service and support for developing USA Triathlon coaching programs and triathlon in general. Recertification also provides an accountability for maintenance of the coaching certification.

USA Triathlon Certified Coaches must submit their recertification packets by their certification expiration date. Coaches who do not submit recertification materials by their expiration date are not eligible for recertification under the normal recertification policy. Please see the bottom of this page for the late recertification policies. If you have any questions regarding the recertification policy, please contact the Education Program Coordinator, Hope Graham

Coaches are responsible for tracking their CEUs, getting NON-USAT courses accepted for NON-USAT CEUs, and recording their CEUs in their recertification application. USA Triathlon is not responsible for tracking individual coaches CEUs.

Recertification Webinar!

In order to recertify, coaches must complete:

All Level III coaches must select three of the following six options for recertification:

  • Present a Webinar (unpaid)
  • Contribute a Newsletter Article for Performance Coaching (unpaid)
  • Host a CEU Clinic (paid)
  • Present at a Coaching Clinic (paid)
  • Help with a Junior Camp or Clinic (paid or unpaid)
  • Propose Your Own (must be approved by the Coach Development Manager)

Recertifications must be completed online through USAT University.  Paper submissions are not accepted. 
Level III Recertification Process Directions

It is highly suggested that coaches submit their recertification as early as August 2015 to avoid delays or penalties for missing deadlines. Any recertification not completed (submitted with the required documents) will be subject to any late fees. Extensions will not be given for incomplete recertifications even if submitted before December 31, 2015. 

Late Recertification Policy

Late recertification submitted January 1 - March 31, 2014: A $50 late fee is required (in addition to $95 recertification fee and recertification requirements fulfilled) to be reinstated as current.

Late recertification submitted after April 1, 2014: Coaches must complete 5 more USAT approved Continuing Education Credits on top of their already required amount. In addition, coaches must pay the late fee and complete all the regular recertification requirements.