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Presented By The Active Network

Missed the Live presentations?
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USA Triathlon's Race Director Symposium was entirely web based in 2014! This was designed to be a fresh and convenient platform to network and become informed on topics relevant to you, your business, your customers and your races.

Highlights of Symposium include:

  • The live online meetings were Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014, which focused on specific cases of important race director-directed changes regarding swim safety concerns.
  • A set of new pre-recorded, web-hosted content on a variety of topics, from the 'State of the Sport', 'Budget Creation' and 'Managing Law Enforcement Resources at Your Race,' to be viewed at your convenience up until March 31, 2014
  • Download the transcripts for all chat rooms from the live event for peer-to-peer connection with fellow race directors, the risk management profession team from ESIX, USA Triathlon partners, vendors who provide goods/services to your events, and USA Triathlon staff.
  • Incredibly affordable - At $99.95 per individual entry, you can have your entire staff 'attend' symposium!
  • 4 CEUs are available for USAT Certified Race Directors who register individually for the archived content of the 2014 RD Symposium.

Refund Policy:

  • No refunds for the archived content of the 2014 Race Director Symposium
    *Registration fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Questions can be directed to
Registration is closed.

2014 Race Director Symposium Schedule Presented by The Active Network

2013 USA Triathlon Race Director Symposium Schedule

Thursday, January 16th
All times MT

9-9:40 a.m.

Galen Burson - Beyond Endurance: Marketing to the Experiential Customer
An Active Presentation with Q&A

9:40-10 a.m 

- OR - 
Networking Opportunity: Visit Online Forum (link to be provided)

10-10:40 a.m.
Amanda Duke, Paratriathlon Program Manager - Making Your Event Accessible to Paratriathletes
with Q&A
10:40-11 a.m.
Networking Opportunity: Visit Online Forum (link to be provided)
11-11:40 a.m.
Bill Burnett - Handling Tragedies
with Q&A
11:40-12 p.m.

Networking Opportunity: visit Online Forum (link to be provided)

12-12:40 p.m.
Dr. Lawrence Creswell, MD - Fatality Report Update
with Q&A
12:40-1 p.m.
BREAK -OR- Networking Opportunity: Visit Online Forum (link to be provided)
1-1:40 p.m.
Kari Ebeling & Dan Ingalls - Swim Panel complete with Q&A
1:40-2 p.m.
BREAK-OR- Networking Opportunity: Visit Online Forum (link to be provided)
2-2:40 p.m. Andy Reilly - Top Tech Tools for Managing Your Triathlon Event
An Active Presentation with Q&A
Note: Online Forums will be available continually all day long for race directors wishing to network.  Chat rooms will be broken out into trending topics.

*all content subject to change

Pre-Recorded Content

Rob Urbach

State of the Sport

Mike Price 

Understanding Contracts 

Fred Phillips

Establishing Event Safety Protocols with Governmental Agencies

Chuck Graziano  

Swim, Bike, Dun - A Guide to Increasing Opportunity and Participation at your event through Aquabike - The Easy Way!

Meg Weagley  &
Amanda Duke 

Race Budgeting 101 

Kathy Matejka 

USA Triathlon Swim Temperature Recommendations - the Numbers and the Impact

*pre-recorded content available 1/16-3/31 

Fatality Report Update

Presented by Dr. Larry Creswell, M.D.

Dr. Creswell will provide an update about event-related fatalities through the 2013 race season and share information about the new USA Triathlon water temperature safety recommendations. Focusing on the swim portion of events, he will outline opportunities for athletes and race directors to build on their efforts to improve event-related safety.

USA Triathlon Swim Temperature Recommendations - the Numbers and the Impact

Presented by Event Services Director, Kathy Matejka

The Swim Collar Task Force recently released recommendations that will impact every sanctioned event organizer. From a chart of water temperatures with recommended swim course changes to mandatory post-race data gathering, every sanctioned event Race Director is an active participant in Shared Responsibilities to help create a safer environment for the swim leg of triathlons.

Swim, Bike, Dun - A Guide to Increasing Opportunity and Participation at Your Event though Aquabike - The Easy Way!

Presented by Chuck Graziano

This webinar will be a presentation of the current state of Aquabike, the currently fastest growing segment of the multisport world. The primary goal will be to provide an easy template for including an Aquabike event in your race without a lot of hassle and with limited added expense. Over the past year, standards have been developed in an attempt to standardize many aspects of the sport so that athletes would know what to expect when they arrive at an event, and so that race directors have an easy guide to setting up an event that meets the demands of this special population of athletes. The webinar will include:

  • Brief review of the history of the sport- What it is, where did it come from and why?
  • The growth trend- What are the Aquabikers of today, what's the growth rate and where are we heading?
  • How should Aquabike be marketed, who is your target market and how will you benefit?
  • How is Aquabike set up and organized; what are the special considerations and how are they incorporated without complicating things?

Race Budgeting 101

Presented by Meg Weagley & Amanda Duke

Budgeting is always a trending topic with race directing. This webinar will be a presentation on budgeting for a successful multisport event. It will help the race director identify costs associated with events, and help raise the caliber of the event without cutting corners. The webinar will also focus on how costs can creep up from unanticipated areas and showcase ways to plan for them. The presentation will include ideas on how some costs can be avoided or picked up by the sponsors of your event, how streams of revenue can be generated for events and how to generate more. Additional topics that will be included are purchasing options and how to manage the cash flow for an event. Examples will be provided as well as other useful tools outlined to make events successful while staying within a defined budget.

Establishing Event Safety Protocols with Governmental Agencies

Presented by Fred Phillips, DLT Events

Race directors are constantly in contact with government agencies for a variety of reasons. This webinar will discuss the benefits and advantages of having a relevant safety plan for the success of an event. Details will be provided on how to work with local agencies and their requirements such as law enforcement within municipalities and jurisdictions, sanitation agencies, rail roads, and others. The presentation touches on emergency response plans and how they should be implemented. Overall communication and coordination are incredibly important to a successful safety plan and working with each person of contact. Lastly, Fred will highlight the important aspects of how to prepare and what to expect when developing a strategy.

Handling Tragedies

Presented by Bill Burnett

Bill Burnett will provide relevant and tangible lessons learned from a tragedy that occurred at the Cohasset Triathlon. As race directors, we work hard to prevent the unexpected, but when a serious injury or death occurs, will you be prepared? What are the first three  things you should do? How do you communicate with the family members? How do you handle the media and what do you communicate to the other participants? Join Bill and your peers to discuss this sensitive topic and learn steps how to be prepared for challenging situations.

Making Your Event Accessible to Paratriathletes

Presented by Amanda Duke

This session will help you understand who paratriathletes are and what minor accommodations they need from you, the race director, to compete at your race. It will also walk you through items to consider within each discipline of the race as well as touch on some tips and tricks on how to get them to your starting line. One of the appealing aspects of triathlon to physically challenged athletes is the ability for them to compete at nearly every USAT-sanctioned race across the country. Just like the age groupers, these athletes can compete in races within their back yard on any given weekend and continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Beyond Endurance: Marketing to the Experiential Customer

Presented by Galen Burson, Account Executive, Multisport Events, ACTIVE Endurance

The participant marketplace in the endurance world has undergone dramatic shifts, and these days it's all about providing a unique experience. This webinar will review trends and insights into the emerging experiential consumer and teach how to effectively engage with participants to drive participation and loyalty for your triathlons.

State of the Sport

Presented by Rob Urbach, USA Triathlon CEO

USA Triathlon CEO, Rob Urbach provides insight into the current reality of life at USA Triathlon by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the organization. Key performance indicators are discussed and the challenges moving forward are highlighted. New programming and initiatives for the 2014 season include BAM, Project Viking, USA Studios, NCAA inclusion and the USAT Foundation. Looking beyond, what has USAT identified as key components for continued growth and success of the multisport lifestyle? Keys to the future are discussed and the outlook is good.

Understanding Contracts

Presented by Mike Price, Jennifer Rains & Sarah Jones, ESIX Global

Race directors are signing contracts with various entities all the time, but how do you know if the contract has placed additional liability on you that your insurance policy may not cover? The risk management team at ESIX explores contract liability and the potential pitfalls contract language and the 'four letter words' that should be avoided are identified. Three real life case studies are discussed which help simplify the sometimes confusing insurance landscape.

Top Tech Tools for Managing Your Triathlon Event

Presented by Andy Reilly, Account Manager, ACTIVE Endurance

To manage a top-notch triathlon, you need more than a simple sign-up platform. In this webinar, you'll learn about the tools ACTIVE Works provides that go beyond registration to help you promote your event, manage participants and make smarter business decisions.

Race Director Resource Guide

The Event Services team is happy to announce the availability of the 2012 Race Director Resource Guide. This guide is a one-stop shop and has been developed to assist in the planning stages of multisport events. The companies and organizations listed in this guide have been recommended by race directors for race directors.

Click to launch the full edition in a new window.

2012 Race Director Resource Guide

2011 Race Director Resource Guide

For username and password information for the Race Director Resource Guides, please email

If you would like to recommend a company or organization for the next edition of the resource guide, please contact the Event Services Team.

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