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For Race Directors 

I'm a race director – what do I do if an athlete is injured at the event? 
    1. The race medical staff or the race director must complete and sign an incident report form. Do not give the incident report form to the athlete or ask them to complete it themselves. 
    2. Please provide the USAT Medical Claim form to the athlete. The athlete will need to complete the claim form if they want to access the USAT Excess Medical policy.  
    3. If the injury is serious, please fax the incident report form, with attention to Event Services, to 719-955-2671 and leave a message for the Event Services staff at 719-955-2813 as soon as possible after the event.  We must alert our insurance company to serious incidents that may result in significant loss. 

All other injury reports can be submitted with the post race materials. 

What constitutes "serious" injury?
Any injury that requires transport, emergency lifesaving procedures, or results in an athlete's inability to care for himself during the incident (head trauma, athlete vs. car) would be considered serious. If there is any chance the injury is life-threatening, please be sure to contact USAT immediately after the event. 

What are some things to keep in mind for serious injuries?
Tracking/reporting accidents that happen on the course when no event staff is notified – If an athlete is injured in any way at your event, an incident report must be filed. Because of this, it is absolutely critical to have an established plan of action in place for following up with emergency personnel after the event. Even if an athlete is transported to the hospital by someone other than the medical personnel assigned to the event (911 ambulance response), it is imperative to find out all the details surrounding the injury.

Communication between the medical team and event staff should be kept constant. The race director should be aware of all serious injuries/accidents as they happen.

Contacting friends/family during the event – Consider collecting emergency contact information from the athletes for someone who will be readily available at the event. This will allow you to contact this person during an emergency and bring them into the loop immediately.

Returning equipment to the athlete/family – An athlete's belongings are in your care and custody for the duration of the event. If an athlete is injured during the race, take consideration of what will happen to his/her belongings. Using emergency contact information collected during registration you may be able to arrange for the equipment to be returned to family immediately. If this is not the case, take care to keep the belongings safe until you are able to return them to the athlete.

Contacting the athlete/family after the event – It can go a long way to make contact with injured athletes after the event. Showing compassion and care for the injured party will help make them feel supported by the race during a difficult time.

Where do I go or direct an athlete for questions about an injury?
Athletes – please call Sean Lankie at 770-449-5559 or email Race Directors – please call ESIX at 1-800-342-4371 ex: 120 and speak with Jennifer Rains.

For Athletes

I'm an athlete – what do I do if I'm injured at the event? 

When injured while participating in a USA Triathlon sanctioned event, you can apply for the USAT Excess Medical Coverage, which means you are eligible to submit claims that are over and above what your own medical insurance covers. A deductible does apply for this excess coverage.

Follow these steps if you wish to file a claim:
    1. Complete the USAT Medical Claim form.  The race director can provide the form or email for one. 
    2. Follow the directions on the second page of the USAT Medical Claim form carefully.  Submit the requested information to the address provided on the form but keep originals for your files and send only copies.   

To read more about this coverage visit our Athlete Excess Medical Policy page.

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