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The National Office staff is seeing tremendous growth, opportunity and support for the inclusion of disabled participants in sanctioned events.  Please review carefully and note the differences between Paratriathlon and PC Open divisions and the corresponding rules.

Paratriathlon Rules

Only two events in the country will be hosting Paratriathlon 2013, they are the USA Paratriathlon National Championship and ITU San Diego.  Those two events will comply fully with the Paratriathlon rules.

All USAT sanctioned events are welcome to host PC Open divisions in 2013.

PC Open athletes are not required to follow the classifications and rules that govern Paratriathlon.  PC Open participants follow the guidance provided with respect to legal equipment such as hand cycles and wheelchairs but the classification rules are not in effect.  This example illustrates the matter:

Athlete X is a classified Paratriathlete, Sight Impaired.  Athlete Y is not classified but wishes to participate in the sight impaired category.  The ABC Triathlon wishes to include all disabled athletes even though Athlete X is classified.  In this case, the Paratriathlon rule requiring the use of blackout shades is not in effect and both athletes would race each other in a  PC Open division.

If you have any questions about PC Open and Paratriathlon, please contact the Event Services team.

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