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Race Director Discounts

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USAT Certified Officials

What races require USA Triathlon Certified Officials? How are officials chosen for high profile races? What is the value to athletes and race directors of USA Triathlon officials at events?

Visit the Officials page and the FAQ page for more information.


Business Owner Policy

USAT is happy to announce the availability of a business owner's insurance policy that can be purchased by sanctioned event directors. This coverage protects your business from claims arising from alleged bodily injury, personal injury or property damage liability and is meant to supplement the sanctioned event insurance. Coverage cost is based on the amount of revenue and the number of events produced by the company.

USAT Event Director BOP Program Summary
USAT Event Director Program BOP Application 2012


Medical Malpractice Insurance

Please contact Event Services for information on this coverage. 

Please contact for the password to access these forms. Please contact ESIX at 678-324-3320 for more information on this opportunity.

Athlete Safety

USA Triathlon views the safety of our members as a core imperative. Event-related fatalities have captured the attention of our community, raising safety concerns among athletes, family members and other supporters, event organizers, sponsors, community leaders, and the medical community. We have conducted a careful review of the collective experience with fatalities at USA Triathlon-sanctioned events from 2003 through 2011. Our objectives were to attempt to bring clarity, identify potential patterns and underlying causes, and investigate opportunities to make any future improvements in event safety.

Click here to view a PDF file of the USA Triathlon Fatality Incidents Study.

Additional Helpful Tools

Race Course Mapping Tool
One Million Revolutions, producer of the Musselman Triathlon, has partnered with USAT to provide a race course mapping tool specifically for race directors. The online tool combines Google Maps with an easy-to-use system for creating, editing, and displaying each segment of your race (swim, bike, etc) on a dynamic, interactive map. Once a course is plotted, elements can be added to produce for your athletes a complete "digital tour" of your event. The maps can be seamlessly integrated into any website, and can be used to satisfy the USAT sanction requirement for course maps.

An example of a complete map can be found by clicking here.

For more information on the mapping tool and to sign up for a trial version, please click here or email

USAT Educational Tools
Information about educational opportunities for Race Directors can be found on our Education page.

Elite Athletes

USAT Elite Athlete List

Looking for a list of elite athletes? Please contact the membership team or Courtney Kulick for a current listing of all licensed elites.


Race Directors

Please note that we are experiencing problems of athletes WITHOUT current USAT Elite Memberships racing at $5K+ prize money events. This is against USAT rules and will lead to suspension of these athletes. The athletes know this is not allowed, but unfortunately it is still happening. You can help them to not put their careers at risk by checking the USAT current elite athlete list as elites register for your event. If your athlete is not on the list, feel free to direct them to Courtney Kulick or the membership page to take care of their membership.

If it is a foreign athlete, he or she must do one of the following (these are the only two options):

1.) Present a current elite membership from their National Federation in addition to paying the $12 USAT one-day membership fee (must also sign the USAT waiver).
2.) Present a current USAT foreign elite membership.

Please contact Courtney Kulick or 719-884-5606 with any questions.

USAT Race Director Committee

The USA Triathlon Race Director Committee (RDC) functions as an advisory board to the USA Triathlon National Board of Directors. There are up to 11 participants on the commission, appointed by the Board and led by a Chairperson. Conference call meetings are held monthly during the off season and with less frequency during the heart of the racing season.

This section contains a variety of services and resources available for race directors including the USA Triathlon Sponsor information, Best Practices Consultancy, Race Director Newsletters, Race Director Resource Guide, event insurance information, important forms, elite athlete information, USAT Race Director Commission, and other tools necessary for conducting safe and fun multisport events.

Services and Resources

The Event Services team is here to support the race-directing community through a variety of new and existing services and programs, including:


Webinars for Race Directors:

USA Triathlon is proud to present a series of webinars for race directors. These webinars will be held approximately once a month. Certified Race Directors and Certified Coaches receive one (1) CEU for attending. Click here to view the full list of archived race director webinars.

*Please click here to view the FREE webinar: USA Triathlon and Timing!
*Please click here to view the FREE webinar: USA Triathlon Post-Race Submission Process!

Fee Structure:
$14.99 USAT Member or Race Director (0 CEU)
$24.99 USAT Certified Race Director (1 CEU)
$29.99 Non-USAT Members (0 CEU)

View the recently archived webinar library here.

Paratriathlon Course Design Considerations

The Paratriathlon Course Design Considerations page is a compilation of interviews with paratriathletes, giving you some great ideas on what to do and what to avoid at your para-friendly event. Certified Race Director Penni Bengtson also writes about her experience with paratriathlon. 

Click here for the Paratriathlon Event FAQ's.

Click here for the Paratriathlon Friendly Designation Application

Offering Paratriathlon and/or Physically Challenged Open Divisions

The national office staff is seeing tremendous growth, opportunity and support for the inclusion of disabled participants in sanctioned events.  Please review carefully and note the differences between Paratriathlon and PC Open divisions and the corresponding rules.

Paratriathlon Rules

All USAT sanctioned events are welcome to host PC Open divisions in 2015.

PC Open athletes are not required to follow the classifications and rules that govern Paratriathlon.  PC Open participants follow the guidance provided with respect to legal equipment such as hand cycles and wheelchairs but the classification rules are not in effect.  This example illustrates the matter:

Athlete X is a classified Paratriathlete, Sight Impaired.  Athlete Y is not classified but wishes to participate in the sight impaired category.  The ABC Triathlon wishes to include all disabled athletes even though Athlete X is classified.  In this case, the Paratriathlon rule requiring the use of blackout shades is not in effect and both athletes would race each other in a PC Open division.

If you have any questions about PC Open and Paratriathlon, please contact the Event Services team.

First Time Race Director Information

We are here to aid the race director will all aspects of their event.  If you are a first time race director and would like more information on hosting an event, please contact the Event Services team at We provide information including event planning, production, insurance, sanctioning, and much more. 

USA Triathlon Sanctioned Events Location Guide

This tool is a resource offering assistance when planning the location of your next multisport event. Multisport is rapidly growing and choosing a prime location to host your event can be tricky. The Event Location Guide is designed to identify market opportunities and/or competition challenges when planning your next event. To view maps of all 2013 events, click here


Race Director Resource Guide

The Event Services team is happy to announce the availability of the 2012 Race Director Resource Guide. This guide is a one-stop shop and has been developed to assist in the planning stages of multisport events. The companies and organizations listed in this guide have been recommended by race directors for race directors.

Click to launch the full edition in a new window.

2012 Race Director Resource Guide

2011 Race Director Resource Guide

If you would like to recommend a company or organization for the next edition of the resource guide, or to request Resource Guide login information, please contact the Event Services Team.


Social Networking

The Event Services team is happy to announce a social networking opportunity for our sanctioned race directors. 

Please join the USA Triathlon Race Directors Google group, designed specifically for multisport race directors. This group provides the opportunity to network with race directors across the country, ask peers for advice and brainstorm ideas to improve your event. The knowledge and field experience that each race director brings to the table is a powerful resource. 

To join, go to and request to be added to this group.

Follow us on Twitter at @USAT_RDs.  We have revamped the current page to be a useful tool for event organizers, connecting our constituents together 140 characters at a time!


USA Triathlon Race Director Newsletters are full of information and answers to some great questions. Please click here to view the newsletter archives.

AED Grant Program

NorthStar Medical Equipment, a nationwide leader in the sales, training, and distribution of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), is granting funds to qualifying event organizers to obtain their own defibrillators.  To apply for the grant, click here.



Youth Aquathlon Series

USA Triathlon launched a new series in 2012 selecting 30 events from across the United States to participate in the Youth Splash & Dash Aquathlon Series. Educating youth athletes between the ages 7-15 about the multisport lifestyle is one of the primary objectives of the series, which is focused on participation and having fun, rather than competition. Alongside the races, many of the selected events held USA Triathlon-sanctioned youth clinics.
Aquathlon Basics
Triathlon Basics

Vendor and Partner Opportunities

USA Triathlon's marketing and support partners are pleased to provide a variety of opportunities that allow race directors to save money, raise the production value of sanctioned events and sample partner products out to the membership. Access to these sponsor and partner opportunities is limited to USA Triathlon sanctioned events and is password sensitive as you must be current sanctioning race director and have a current USAT annual membership. If you are, and would like to access this page, please email the Event Services Department at for the password. 

Gatorade Endurance Sponsorship

Gatorade logo

Gatorade Endurance is a Gold-Level partner and the official sports beverage of USA Triathlon. Gatorade is the longest-tenured corporate sponsor in the history of USA Triathlon, with the relationship dating back more than 10 years. In addition to providing product for each of USA Triathlon's national championship events, Gatorade Endurance will supply Lemon-Lime Endurance Formula and merchandise annually to a maximum of 85 USAT sanctioned events. 

Please answer the questions below to determine if your event meets the requirements of Gatorade Endurance sponsorship.

  1. Are you a USAT Certified Race Director?

  2. Is your event Intermediate, Long or Ultra distance?

  3. Does the race have 400 or more athletes participating or is the race of elevated status, i.e. a regional or national championship?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all three questions above, congratulations, the event maybe be eligible for sponsorship. Please contact for access to the application.

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