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USA Triathlon Event Services is excited to offer a Best Practices Consultancy Program that will help take your event to the next level. Having a USAT consultant at your event allows for up-close observations of all the finer points of an event, as well as everything from packet pick up to race course set up and race-day logistics.

The goal of this program is for USAT to become more involved with race directors at their events and in return, provide a full evaluation with suggestions of best practices while also providing professional opinions on how to take an event to the next level.

The USAT consultant and the race director will discuss strategic goals for the race organization and/or event in efforts to use professional knowledge to assist in the development of a plan for continued success. Prior to the event, USAT will work with the race director to determine the direction he/she would like the event to move. This may include how to better promote the event, how to increase appeal to athletes and/or volunteers, how to educate the public about the event, how to effectively use “green” initiatives, or how to better incorporate youth or club participants. The consultant will present an evaluation report and discuss specific recommendations as well as best practices.


USAT strives to provide top-notch customer service. To do this, the services being provided must be adjusted to each specific event. That said, here are a few basic services that will be provided. Any event-specific suggestions of ways to tailor this service to a specific race can be discussed during the application process.

  • Event feedback: Feedback will be collected from those in and around the event in order gain perspectives about the event from participants, volunteers, and spectators. The USAT consultant will disclose his/her purpose for questioning when discussing the event in order to ensure all know it is for the benefit of providing feedback for the race director.
  • Pre-race presentation: Want another session to liven up the pre-race meeting or festival atmosphere? Want to give the athletes a shot at some free sponsor gear? The USAT representative can share a bit about USAT, give away a couple goodies, and use the presentation as a platform for athletes to ask any questions they might have about their USAT membership, one-day licensing and waiver signatures, or why USAT is visiting this event.
  • Post-race wrap-up: USAT will provide a full evaluation report with suggestions to meet pre-discussed goals to the race director. Pictures will be provided as documentation of what was observed, and feedback from participants, volunteers and spectators will be included as well.
  • Event Overview: An additional document describing the event and each course layout will also be provided to the race director. This report is developed as an advertising piece to describe the event and will be posted on the USAT website where it can be widely seen by those involved within the multisport community. We will also include a top 10 list of why athletes should participate in your event. This document can also be used when presenting sponsors information about your event.
  • Featured in Race Director E-Newsletter: USAT will include the overview of your event in the Race Director newsletter and showcase elements of your event that stands out against other events.

What other Race Directors Have Said

Satola, Half Full Triathlon: “USAT Consultancy is a great way to have a non-biased set of eyes on your event. We, as Race Directors, are often too caught up in the event production and execution that we are not able to properly evaluate our own events. The review was very thorough and helped our team plan for our next year.”

Schmidt, Natural Bridge Cave Duathlons: “The benefit we received was someone looking at our races from the outside. Human nature is to repeat what has been successful. With fresh eyes we get a new perspective. We also are able to ask questions from someone who is from the National office. The benefit we received was getting a fresh perspective, new ideas for several areas and confirmation that we we’re doing the right thing in numerous areas.” 

Consultancy Reports

These reports are one of three reports the event will receive from consultancy. You will receive an overview report (below), and a report identifying best practices and suggestions for improvement. Reports will download as a PDF.

Cary Long and Short Duathlon
3 Disciplines Racing Festival Hits Triathlon Series: Palm Springs, CA
Tri Arkansas & DeGray Lake Sprint  

To apply for the program, click here to download the application.

The consultancy program is not designed to change your race directing philosophy. It has been developed to help enhance your event with a professional perspective in order to address essential issues, recognize obstacles, and provide feedback and possible solutions for future events. If you have questions or would like more information, please email or call 719-955-9090*188.

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