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About the Race Director Century Club

On April 25, 2013 USA Triathlon announced the launch of the USA Triathlon Century Club for race directors, a program that will honor multisport race directors who have sanctioned more than 100 triathlon, duathlon, aquabike, aquathlon and youth events over the course of their careers.

Race directors who have sanctioned 100-plus events are asked to submit a year-by-year breakdown listing the number of events to USA Triathlon.

USA Triathlon will honor Race Director Century Club members based on 100-event increments - the 100 Event Club, 200 Event Club, 300 Event Club, 400 Event Club, the 500 Event Club and beyond.

Race Directors will receive commemorative items of increasing value as they progress to higher levels.  Additionally, all Race Director Century Club members will be recognized on the USA Triathlon Website.

After the initial Race Director Century Club listing, USA Triathlon will add new additions to this page once per quarter.  USA Triathlon may perform random audits of submitted lists at any time.

To be recognized in the USA Triathlon Race Director Century Club, please email your name and list all sanctioned events to

Join the Race Director Century Club

To be recognized in the USA Triathlon Race Director Century Club please email your name and list of events to

100 Event Club

Matthew Brown

I participated in my first Triathlon in 1980, called the Rivercities Triathlon. I am not so sure what the distance was because there was no real distance established for a sprint tri back then.  I think it may have been a mile swim, 30 mile bike and a 6 mile run, but I knew I was hooked from that point on with the whole idea of Multi sport events. Two years later I was looking at producing my own Triathlon to help drive traffic into Sportspectrum, a specialty sporting goods that I opened in 1980. The bike shop that had started Rivercities was having financial issues and gladly handed over the race to me.  30 years later, I am still race director of the oldest, largest triathlon in the south. We fill all 1200 spots within days of opening on line registration, and participants keep coming back because it's a great, fun hometown event. Sportspectrum Race Management produces over 100 races each year from multi sport events to 5K road races. It’s a great business, and a great way to still stay connected even though I do not race much anymore. Runners and Triathletes are a different breed, and I just love to be around all their energy!


What advice do you have for 1st time race directors? 

Make sure going into an event you understand how much time and work is involved. There is no better satisfaction than watching your production unfold race am, and if you did all your homework, it will be quite a production!  

  Chuck Sellers

Chuck's event organizing and timing company DQ Events currently promotes and directs 13 Triathlon/Duathlons and times another 40 events a year. All his events generate a sizable sum of money for local charities. Up until 2013 all this was done while working a full time job.

Our main focus for our triathlons is the sprint distance: 1/4 mile swim, 10-15 mile bike, and 5k run. These accommodate the highly trained and competitive athlete, your competitive age-groupers, as well as your average and novice competitors who just want to finish and stay healthy. Our motto is 'compete, complete, eat, and still be home by 12 noon." Recently we have expanded into larger Olympic and Half distance races.

Chuck has been a competitive triathlete, duathlete, and runner for over 30 years. He has won many age group awards over this period of time.

Chuck is a USAT Certified Race Director and has a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Rutgers University and a Masters in Business Administration from Rutgers University. He has been a programmer, system developer for the past 15 years. He was Owner Operator of CS Running Center, a retail sporting goods establishment, and was owner of Race Management Inc., directing the Cooper River Biathlon series in the 1980's among other multi-event races.

How did you get started in producing triathlons?

Back in the 80's I owned a running store and was an avid runner. I got injured and took up swimming and decided to do a triathlon. Once i did a few triathlons i thought our area could use a triathlon and didn't think packet pickup would hurt my running store. Most people in the area trained at Cooper River, and at the time the water was very clean, so I organized a Biathlon (duathlon) there. Eventually the water was cleaned up enough so I could organize a triathlon there.

What advice do you have for 1st time race directors?

Try to stay organized. Use checklists and remember you won't please everyone.

Kevin Mahan

Kevin is a USAT Level 2 Event Director, and has directed more than 250 events in his long and established career. He himself is an avid triathlete, competing in 7 ultra ironman triathlons and is a 4 time XTERRA World Championship Finisher. He first started producing Triathlons in 1982 and has gradually increased the amount of events over the years as triathlons became more and more popular. Kevin is still competing in on & off-road events and has not plans of stopping either.

How did you get started in producing triathlons?

After my first triathlon in 1984, I raced the few triathlons available each year through the 80's & early 90's. I began to help with portions of local races through the area triathlon club and began directing races in the mid-90's. Managing races for the local triathlon club was a part-time venture until the early 2000's. The event managing has been full time for a few years with 12 multi-race (tri/du, short/long, etc) owned USAT sanctioned events annually, other owned cycling and running events & about 35-40 Partner events, where services are provided

What advice do you have for 1st time race directors? 

Build a good team of coordinators who will take ownership in their specific area of race coordination - share plans with all involved so everyone knows basics (Police, EMS, volunteers, life guards, etc); keep the venue happy (over-deliver) - no venue = no race; pre-event communication to athletes is key to manage expectations and allow athletes to be ready for your venue, courses, weather conditions, etc.; learn from each event- what went well / what needs improvement; Plan for things to go wrong & you'll be ready when they do & they will! 

  Tri the Parks

 Blue Sky Sports is a multi-event production group located in Smyrna, Georgia. We have backgrounds of multi-sport participation and competition and enjoy the atmosphere that multi-sport events bring. There is something very special about people we admire who set athletic goals an dthrough much hard work and many trials ultimately reach out for their goals in the field of sport as in life.

Our primary goal is to direct and produce world class, multi-sport athletic events that are safe and exciting for all involved. We endeavor to generate an outstanding environment for superb athletic competition by: producing exciting, challenging, and safe multi-sport events; selecting the finest locations to conduct our events; maintaining a level of attention to detail that is unmatched in our sport; handling all of our business in a fair and positive manner with all of our participants, sponsors, hosts, volunteers, and local community; creating win-win situations for our participants, sponsors and associates. And having a little fun along the way.

Jack Caress

For over 30 years, Jack Caress has been producing and marketing participant sports events. He is the founder and President of Pacific Sports LLC and a Founding Member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Triathlon Business International, Inc. Jack serves on the Board of the Los Angeles Sports Council and Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games.

Since the firm's inception Pacific Sports has produced over 430 multisport events throughout the world. Caress has actively served as a professor at Chapman University in the School of Business & Economics for 10 years, and currently is an adjunct faculty member at the University of San Francisco in the graduate program in Sports Management.

Pacific Sports owned and produced the Olympic Distance Triathlon world Championships in 1996 in addition to producing 12 United States Championship races. Currently the firm operates the Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles Torrance, Rose Bowl Half Marathon, Newport Beach Triathlon (oldest triathlon in the United States), Triathlon Eugene (the Oregon Challenge), Long Beach Triathlon, Amgen Tour of California L'Etape du California, and the Dow Run for Water, which took place in over 100 cities worldwide, including events directly produced by the firm in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

Caress has competed in over 400 participant sporting events including the Ironman World Triathlon Championship in Kona on four occasions. He was a member of the 1975 NCAA Championship golf team at UC Irvine where he now serves on the Athletic Director's Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Council. Jack has three sons, Nathan, Jake and Luke and has residences in Tustin, California and Shaker Heights, OH.

How did you get started in producing triathlons?

I started in 1978 when classmates of mine from UC Irvine developed with was then called the "Ancient Mariner & Rusty Pelican Human Race Triathlon". It is now the Newport Beach Triathlon with we sill produce. We all would both compete and put the race on together. In the 80's they became so busy with their restaurants that I was asked to take over in leading the race. Since I was a college professor, working on a doctorate, owned a triathlon shop (Sportech), and avidly competing in triathlons - I added it to the list. I then was fortunate to start doing work for IMG in Cleveland, where we developed several events including the Cleveland Triathlon which is where we hosted and produced the 1996 ITU World Triathlon Championship. It was the first world championship after triathlon was named an Olympic sport making it all the more exciting. We still produce that event today along with several other events around the United States.

What advice do you have for 1st time race directors?

Always put safety first. Your planning, organization, and execution will follow when you never compromise principles.


300 Event Club

Jack Weiss

Jack is one of the first pioneers in creating triathlons. He first started producing triathlons for the Air Force in 1984. After retiring from the service he and his wife Ester produced their 1st professional triathlon, the Wool Capital Tri in 1988 which is now one of the 20th oldest events in the USA and the oldest Olympic Distance Tri in Texas. Jack has served on the Texas Triathlon Association where he served as its Treasurer, Vice President and President for 3 years. While on the board he was part of a team that produced the present ranking system and wrote the first regional handbook, that the USAT still uses today. In 1997 Jack was elected to the USAT National Board of Directors where he would start the first of 3 consecutive terms as Treasurer. In 2006 he developed the first lesson plan for the USAT Race Director Certification program and became USAT’s first Certified Race Director. He and his wife Ester have produced over 300 triathlon races and have no plans to quit anytime soon.

How did you get started producing Triathlons – “In 1984 there weren't many triathletes around, being in the Military there were even less. My Commander found out I did triathlons and therefore I could: Produce a Triathlon. My first 3 were for the Air Force in San Vito Air Station, Italy. When I retired from the Air Force, I went to work for the San Angelo YMCA and produced my first of 26 Wool Capital Triathlons. Thus I produced my first of 300 plus USAT events.”

Advice to 1st Time Race Directors – “Go watch a few events, participate as a volunteer or an athlete and don't be too ambitious the first time. Produce an event you can control and align yourself with the best possible help. Then get certified!”

Tom Ziebart

What started out as a hobby and a great passion for Triathlons, has turned Tom into one of the most renowned and respected race producers in the country. He started producing multi-sport events while he was part-owner of Exclusive Sports Marketing, an event management group based in Boca Raton, Florida that produced 150 events while he was there from 1986-1997. After his time with ESM he made the move to Director of Sponsorship Development for USA Triathlon where he designed the NGB’s first sports marketing initiative from which USAT now collects over $2 million in support from sponsors. He was also instrumental in the USAT’s decision to own and operate various National Events and programs that bring in over $4 million in economic impact for local communities. This decision led him to become the Executive Event Director for USA Triathlon in charge of the USA Triathlon’s National Championships. After leaving USA Triathlon he has continued to produce some of the largest Triathlon events in the world like the Chicago Triathlon, the Ironman 70.3 Steelhead and the Ironman 70.3 Florida Triathlon. Despite producing over 300 triathlons in his career he still stays active and still regularly competes in local multi-sport events competing in over 200 triathlons including 4 Ironman Triathlons.

How did you get started in producing Triathlons – “I participated in triathlons in the early 80’s and it became a hobby.  I started putting on races in 1986.”

Advice to 1st Time Race Directors - Be prepared for long hard days of work!    

USA Triathlon Active