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What is Sanctioning?

The term 'USA Triathlon sanctioned' indicates to the event organizer, participant athletes, host communities and others that race planning and preparation has met the requirements established by USA Triathlon. It signifies that the race director has completed a thorough review of the swim, bike and run courses, has evaluated and planned for medical, emergency, safety and volunteer support and will conduct the event according to the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules. Among the materials submitted for USA Triathlon review and approval are safety plans, course maps and event details. The process is online so it can be adjusted for changes and effectively integrated as a planning tool for race directors.

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Required documents and plans to be reviewed

  • Detailed and updated course maps
  • Course details
  • Safety plans
  • Volunteer plans
  • Traffic control
  • Security
  • Transition area design
  • Emergency and medical plan
  • Weather contingency
  • Rules Enforcement
  • USAT membership and waiver signature check

USAT annual or one-day membership requirements

  • All participants in sanctioned events must have a valid annual USAT membership ($45) or purchase a one-day membership ($12)
  • Plan how annual and one-day memberships will be checked and/or purchased to ensure all participants have signed a USAT waiver

Post race documents—must be postmarked to USA Triathlon within 15 business days of the event

  • Event Reporting form
  • USAT membership money collected
  • Signed waivers and membership forms
  • Incident reports
  • Electronic results
  • Officials evaluation if USAT certified officials were utilized
  • Swim Course Report

What are the benefits of sanctioning for Race Directors?

Availability of an affordable, comprehensive insurance program

  • Protects race directors, athletes, volunteers, sponsors, and race staff
  • Includes general liability and athlete excess medical coverage

Opportunities to host National Championship events and Special Qualifying Events

  • These high profile events attract many participants

Opportunity to utilize USA Triathlon Certified Officials

  • Relieves responsibilities of enforcing USA Triathlon Competitive Rules
  • Participants recognize the event is safe, fair, and credible

Outstanding exposure and advertising opportunities

  • USA Triathlon membership continues to grow and these athletes have easy access to the USAT Event Calendar to search for multisport events
  • Advertising opportunities through various newsletters with above industry- standard open rates
  • Ability to reach high volumes of multisport athletes receiving USA Triathlon online communications

Access to Event Planning Resources such as:

  • Educational Tools
  • Event Consultancy
  • Events Location Guide
  • Insight for risk management and industry best practices
  • Race Director Forum
  • Race Director Newsletter
  • Race Director Resource Guide
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Webinars

What are the Benefits of Sanctioning for Event Participants?

Inclusion in the USA Triathlon National Ranking System

  • Opportunity to qualify for All-American and Honorable Mention Titles

Athlete Excess Medical Coverage

  • Access to comprehensive and affordable insurance for injuries sustained at events

USA Triathlon Competitive Rules enforcement and USA Triathlon Officials

  • Participants are ensured a safe, fair, and creditable competition environment

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Athletes receive samples and discounts when race directors participate in sponsorship programs

USA Triathlon annual membership

To begin the sanction process, login at the top of the page. If you have questions about the sanction process, please contact the Event Services Department at or by calling 719-955-2802.

If you would like to discuss additional benefits, services, best practices, and risk management insight with the Event Services Team, please email or call, 719-955-2802. We look forward to working with you and building a relationship to continue fueling the multisport life style.

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