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New 2014 Swim Course Updates

USA Triathlon has created two new documents that all sanctioning race directors should be aware of. New for 2014, race directors will be required to submit a Swim Course Report after each sanctioned race. Race directors will be able to submit the report online, using the event reporting tool through the sanction database. Race directors must submit all questions listed in the Swim Course Report below within 15 business days of the completion of their event.

 Swim Course Report
Air Temperature at Start of Race:
Humidity at Start of Race*:
     *use local weather resource or for info  
Water Temperature Day Prior to Race:
Water Temperature Day of Race Prior to Swim:
Number of Athletes that Started the Swim*:
     *add relay participants
Number of Athletes that Voluntarily Withdrew During the Swim*:
     *include relay participants
Number of Athletes Rescued During the Swim*:
     *include relay participants
Number of Athletes that Completed Swim*:
     *include relay participants
Swim DNFs*:
     *include relay participants
Number of Athletes Requiring Medical Attention*:
     *Any transport from swim other than: "I'm too tired" 
Number of Athletes Requiring Medical Transport*:
     *obtain info from incident reports

Race directors can also use the Water Temperature Guidelines as a guide in canceling or shortening the swim in sanctioned events. This chart has been designed to be used as a recommendation, not a requirement. Please download the chart here. Race directors looking for further details can watch a free webinar by Event Services Director, Kathy Matejka by downloading it here. Email for access to the password for this webinar.

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