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Event Travel Management (a division of Polk CTM) Travel Packages

USA Triathlon and Event Travel Management have finished putting the final touches on the Team USA travel packages for the 2013 ITU World Championships in Belfort, France. We highly encourage our Team USA members to book their travel through Event Travel Management (a division of Polk CTM) as USAT works very closely with them to create these packages. This is how you can best interact with fellow team members and have the best access to the Team USA support staff.

Event Travel Management (ETM), to create an all inclusive land travel experience that will make everything easier for you. Please follow this link to read up more on our official Team USA travel package: If you have questions about travel, please email Katarina Stastny from Event Travel Management or call her at 303-386-8507.

Raceday Transport International Bike Transport

Transporting your bike to international events can be a challenging task.  Accurate planning requires a balance of cost, convenience, time constraints, and accessibility.  Organizing these factors is what we do best.  At Raceday Transport, our mission is to provide each customer with the options and services that best fit their individual needs.

Raceday Transport will offer numerous international service options including discounted shipping through FedEx and UPS; Bike Box rentals; negotiated pricing on bike assembly/disassembly through our 150+-bike partner network; Fully-Assembled shipping to select international events; mechanical services, and more.

For more information, please call 916.778.7473, or log-on to and send us a “contact us” request.   

Raceday Transport is the Official Bike Transport provider for USA Triathlon and Team USA. 

Belfort and Surrounding Area Map

Overland travel to Belfort

• 150 km (93.2 mile) from Strasbourg
• 175 km (108.7 mile) from Nancy
• 300 km (186.4 mile) of Luxembourg
• 340 km (211.3) from Lyon
• 420 km (261 mile) of Paris
• 500 km (310.7 mile) from Brussels


• The bus service Optymo runs in Belfort and its suburbs

Map to Malsaucy

Training Locations Near Belfort

Water sports and leisure in Malsaucy

The site is located in Malsaucy Sermamagny. It is a naturally built for leisure with beach, trails where you can enjoy swimming, biking, walking ... Learn more

Water sports and outdoor pond in Forges
The pond is located in Forges, Belfort. You can mountain bike and run. Swimming is prohibited. Learn more

The Soft Park
Located in Belfort, this vast space allows you to run, mountain bike. Learn

Leisure base in Brognard
Base Recreation Brognard is located 15km (9.3 mile) south of Belfort. Completely furnished, this site allows you to swim, run, mountain bike. Learn more

Ballon d'Alsace
Culminating at 1248m altitude, the Ballon d'Alsace offers a multitude of outdoor sports. The Ballon d'Alsace particularly attracts bicycles enthusiasts including the Tour de France. Learn more

There are many trails through Belfort like the Euroveloroute 6 , the casting green or county trails.

Download the map of the trails Belfort

Footpaths and hiking
 Belfort has 670km of hiking trails. View all 27 routes

The city of Belfort has two pools.

Learn more