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The main venue for the 2014 TransCanada Corp. World Triathlon Grand Final will take place 15 minutes from Edmonton’s downtown core in Hawrelak Park. The park is set in the heart of Edmonton's expansive river valley, which is more than 22 times larger than New York's Central Park. The swim courses will take place in Hawrelak Lake while the bike and run courses will take athletes out of Hawrelak Park and through the most impressive and scenic locations in Edmonton's river valley.

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Will it be warm in Edmonton Aug.26-Sept. 1?

The average temperature for that time of year in Edmonton is 20 degrees Celsius (high) and 10 degrees Celsius (low). In 2013, during the Grand Final in London, it was 30 C in Edmonton (Sept. 10-15). Weather in Edmonton in late summer is typically dry and sunny.

What is Hawrelak Lake like?

The lake is a man-made structure and it will be rehabilitated for the race. In addition to being cleaned, a new liner will be placed at the bottom of the lake and a channel is being dredged so that it can accommodate the 4,000 athletes expected to compete during race week. The lake is chlorinated leading up to and during race week.

What will the water temperature be in Hawrelak Lake Aug. 26-Sept. 1?

We don’t have recorded lake water temperature for end of August because there isn’t typically an event going on at that time.  However, during our 2013 World Cup event in June, the recorded temperature ranged between 18-21 degrees Celsius from morning to afternoon.  The same temperature was recorded in July. 

Are the age group courses hilly?

The cycle portions of the age group courses are hilly. The age group standard race cycle course will travel up Groat Road (4 per cent average grade), Victoria Park Hill (4 per cent average grade) and Emily Murphy Park Hill (max. 8 per cent grade, average of 6 per cent grade). The sprint cycle race will travel up Groat Road and Emily Murphy Park Hill. Both courses will also travel down Groat Road.

Will there be an open race or a try-a-tri for non- qualified age group athletes?

We do not have an open race scheduled for age group athletes at the 2014 Grand Final.  We will have a Kids of Steel race for 12-15 year olds on Sunday, August 31.  This will be the only open race at the event. 

How do I register? How do I know if I have qualified?

All athletes must register through their National Federation, no exceptions. Your federation will know if you have qualified and how to register if you have succeeded in qualifying. 

Where can I find the race rules for the 2014 ITU Grand Final?

The official rules can be found on the ITU website

How far is the airport from the city?

It is 28 kilometres from the International Airport to downtown Edmonton.

Is the race site close to downtown?

The race site at Hawrelak Park is approximately 5.7-6.5 kilometres from the downtown core, depending on the route you take. It will take 10-15 minutes by car to get there depending on traffic. You can ride your bike to Hawrelak Park through Edmonton’s river valley parks trails system.

Is package pick up at the site?

No. Package pick up must be done at the registration/package pick up location at City Hall, Edmonton. 

How far in Edmonton from the Rocky Mountains?

Both Jasper and Banff are 4 hours away by car or bus. To plan your trip to the Canadian Rockies, visit:

Can I ride my bike on roads obeying all traffic laws? Are there bike lanes?

Yes, you can ride your bike on the roads. There are several bike lanes to use as well. Read these FAQs on Edmonton’s bike lanes: