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Course Information

Bike Course Elevations
Both bike routes are extremely flat with no more than a 10m-20m difference between the highest point and the lowest point on the course! We will be producing a profile of the courses soon.

Cycling on the Routes
As we indicated previously, due to the compact nature of the competition schedule, unfortunately, there will be no opportunity to ride any of the routes in advance of the event for any athlete including the elite. Age group team managers must brief their athletes that no cycling can take place on the race routes at any time during competition week of September 9th to September 15th. Also Hyde Park itself will be closed to vehicles so that ramps, barriers and branding can be installed throughout the Park. Riding in Hyde Park during venue build will be highly dangerous and will not be allowed.

Olympic Distance Course

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CLICK HERE for a printable version of the swim, run, and transition.

Course Description
The Standard distance course is both inside and outside the Park, taking in some of the most iconic features of London on the picturesque bike course. The swim is one lap of 1500m in the Serpentine Lake. The cycle course is two laps of 20km per lap, passing such landmarks as Hyde Park Corner, Buckingham Palace, Parliament Square, Whitehall and Downing Street, the London Eye, the Embankment, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. The run route is an extended three lap course of 3.33km per lap around the lake.

Sprint Distance Course

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Course Description
The Sprint race takes place entirely within beautiful Hyde Park. The swim is one lap of 750m in the Serpentine Lake. The cycle is three laps of almost 7km per lap on the roads within the Park, and the run is two laps of 2.5km per lap around the lake.

Aquathlon Course

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