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Uniforms and Team USA Gear
Team USA London can now purchase uniforms from Contact for the passphrase. 


Extract of the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING between the International Triathlon Union and Speedo International Limited.

3.1 The Speedo Tri Super Elite Wetsuit (article numbers: SOA21115 & SOA21116) and the Speedo Tri Elite Wetsuit (article numbers: SOA13101 & SOA13102) – in both male and female variants (collectively to be referred to as “the Suits”) – are allowed to be worn during any ITU event by any participant for 2013, 2014 and 2015 and until the new ITU rules in the certification program come into full effect (the “Term”) for non-elite athletes according to ITU rules.

3.2 The following exclusions shall apply to the provisions of clause 3.1 above during the Term:

a) ITU World Triathlon Series Events - Elite athletes are not permitted to wear the Suits
b) ITU World Triathlon Grand Final – Elite, U23, Junior and Paratriathlon athletes are not permitted to wear the Suits.
c) ITU Triathlon World Cup – Elite athletes are not permitted to wear the Suits.

3.3 The Suits have ‘vortex panels’ integrated into the forearm area on the suits.