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Be a part of our 550,000 member community of multisport athletes. Membership benefits include a subscription to the quarterly USA Triathlon magazine, discounts from USA Triathlon partners, inclusion in the national rankings, excess accident insurance at events, and savings at races. To see why you should join or renew today, visit the membership benefits page. Already a member? Login below.

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USAT Membership

All U.S. athletes are required to be annual members of USA Triathlon before qualifying all the way through the date of the World Championship. For more information about joining USAT, visit the membership section of the site.

Sponsor Purchase Program

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Patches/ Beanies/ Event Pins

If you would like to order beanies or patches from any of the past world championships please contact us at


All athletes competing in the event may be subject to drug testing. Visit the Anti-Doping page for more information.

Costs and Services Include:

  • Travel
    USAT provides travel packages for most world championships, which usually include: airport/hotel transfers, bicycle transportation at destination, lodging and other benefits. Most U.S. athletes travel as part of the prepared package and with other U.S. athletes. All costs are borne by the athlete. Land package costs usually run between $150-$250 per person per day (foreign hotels can be very expensive). Athletes are free to book housing separate from the package but do so at the expense of lost team camaraderie. USA Triathlon is currently working with Event Travel Management (a division of Polk CTM) to coordinate these packages and to help facilitate your travel questions.
  • Bike Transportation
    USA Triathlon has partnered with Raceday Transport for 2014 to help athletes ship their bikes to World Championships locations. If athletes are interested in shipping their bike with Raceday Transport they can contact them at 916.778.7473. Athlete bikes and race gear are transported directly to the event site. Specific shipping packages will be created for each World Championship location. We recommend either contacting your airline about the cost and procedure for flying overseas with your bike, or contacting Luggage Forward to ship your bike overseas ahead of time.
  • Food
    Food consumption while at a World Championship is paid for by the individual athletes. A basic daily cost is $40 to $50 per day per person in U.S. currency (depending on what and where you eat). Team USA tries to have a Team dinner or lunch the day before the race as well as a team party the night after the race to promote a team atmosphere.
  • Insurance
    Your domestic health insurance may not provide adequate travel protection during an emergency. Benefits are often limited and won't be paid directly to international providers. Nor will the policy pay for an international medical evacuation or help with minor travel emergencies such as replacing prescription medication. Travelers are often left with the burden of making their own arrangements and paying costly out-of-pocket medical expenses. MEDEX, a partner of Team USA, offers Travmed Abroad to take care of these problems and other travel, medical, and security related issues. The cost to our athletes is at a discounted rate of $3/day which gives the traveler $100,000 in coverage, with only a $25 deductible per illness or injury. We highly encourage all of our athletes to take advantage of this offer. You may get the coverage for yourself as well as family and friends traveling with you abroad. The information explaining how and when to obtain coverage will be posted on the event website.
  • Entry Fee
    Each ITU world championship event has an entry fee. The basic cost of the entry fee is between $160 and $400 USD. Longer distance events typically cost more than shorter distance events. International exchange rates can make the calculation of the fee very difficult. Once ITU announce what a race entry fee is going to be, USAT will contact the team USA athletes who paid their $50 deposit and ask them to pay this entry fee. Usually, this money will be due in the summer of the year an athlete is competing in the World Championship.
  • User Fee
    USAT has assigned a user fee to every athlete who qualifies for the U.S. team. This is the $50 non-refundable deposit all athletes are required to pay to join Team USA. The purpose of this fee is to cover the base cost for the entire support team to be in attendance at the event and offer special services to team members. The costs are modest compared to the services provided by the hard working staff.
  • Uniforms
    USAT has partnered with to provide a clothing package for all ITU world championship teams. Athletes will only have to purchase the competitive gear (consists of a singlet or shorts/top) which generally run about $150-$250. These items may change each season, so they will remain as part of the mandatory package. The remaining portion of the package, considered optional, consists of many items from training tops and running shorts to warm-up jackets and bags. These items will be available each spring. When the items are available for purchase athletes will be notified by email and the information will be posted on each event website. The official Team USA uniform is required for competition.
  • Team Meetings/Parades/Dinners
    One of the truly exciting aspects of attending the world championships are the functions that athletes attend. The ITU Parade of Nations allows athletes to march with others from all the attending countries over a quarter to half-mile section of walkway. It culminates with local dignitaries who welcome everyone to the event. The ITU pasta party usually offers local cuisine that is not only nutritious, but also inexpensive - it is covered as part of the entry fee. Team USA may also hold a team meal for USA athletes and their friends/family. This cost is minimal and a great way to mingle with fellow team members. Team USA may also have a team party after the race to celebrate everyone's achievements. This is free to the USA athletes while family/friends can attend for a minimal cost. Team USA may also hold a team meeting during the week of the world championship. This is where the athletes will be given valuable information about the race and be told of any last minute race changes.


Athletes on each of the world teams receive periodic e-mails from the national office with updates on the various race related activities. Updates also appear on the USAT web site at each event website.

The most exciting part of being on Team USA is the friends that you make. Many athletes make it a priority to get to know others by eating meals, riding, swimming and running together and just hanging out in the host hotel lobby