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Once you qualify as a member of Team USA, USA Triathlon will keep you up to date on every detail of traveling to the world championships. We work with a team that specializes in organizing group travel around the world.

The USAT Travel Partner is  Event Travel Management (a division of Polk CTM).  The point of contact for Team USA Edmonton is Suzanne Rivers at and by phone at 303.386.8541.  The point of contact for Team USA Spain and Team USA China is Katarina Stastny at and by phone at 303.386.8507. We highly encourage our Team USA members to book their travel through this group.

Looking to travel to any of these events? Once available we will post links to the travel packages on the Event's travel page.

What to expect when coordinating travel to World Championships:

  • Travel
    USAT provides travel packages specifically for world championships, which usually include: airport/hotel transfers, bicycle transportation at destination, lodging and other benefits. Most U.S. athletes travel as part of the prepared package and with other U.S. athletes. All costs are borne by the athlete. Land package costs usually run between $150-$250 per person per day (foreign hotels can be very expensive). Athletes are free to book housing separate from the package but do so at the expense of lost team camaraderie. USA Triathlon is currently working with Event Travel Management (a division of Polk CTM) to coordinate these packages and to help facilitate your travel questions.
  • Bike Transportation
    USA Triathlon has partnered with Raceday Transport for 2013 to help athletes ship their bikes to World Championships locations. If athletes are interested in shipping their bike with Raceday Transport they can contact them at 916.778.7473. Athlete bikes and race gear are transported directly to the event site.  Specific shipping packages will be created for each World Championship location.
  • Food
    Food consumption while at a World Championship is paid for by the individual athletes. A basic daily cost is $40 to $50 per day per person in U.S. currency (depending on what and where you eat). Team USA tries to have a Team Dinner or lunch the day before the race as well as a team party the night after the race to promote a team atmosphere.