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Local Organizing Committee Handbook

The Local Organizing Committee in Vitoria, Spain has put together an extremely helpful and useful handbook for your trip to Vitoria. Please read the handbook entirely to ensure you have all the info you need for your trip! Team USA also recommends you print this and bring it with you to Spain. CLICK HERE to view the handbook.

Uniforms and Team USA Gear

2012 Team USA Uniforms will be available in the late spring of 2012.

Team USA Roster

CLICK HERE for the roster.

ITU Rules

CLICK HERE for the 2012 ITU competitive rules book.

Provided Course Nourishment

Water, lemon and orange Aquarius, Powerade and Coca Cola are the available beverages. For Infisport Gels there will be lemon, orange and cola flavored.

  • Bike Course Aid Stations
    • 3 aid stations that the athletes pass on each lap will offer the following (in order):

1st Aquarius
2nd Infisport Oral Gels
3rd Bananas
4th Water

      • There will also be an exclusive Infisport aid station that will offer Infisport ND3 Solid Bar, 500ml can of Vitaldrink, Gel ND3 Cross Up
  • Run Course Aid Stations
    • 3 aid stations that the athletes pass on each lap will offer the following (in order):

1st Acuarius
2nd Coca-Cola
3rd Infisport Gels
4th Bananas
5th Water

  • There will also be an exclusive Infisport aid station (near Parque de la Florida/Florida Park) that will offer Oral Gel and glasses of Vitaldrink

Bike Information

The event organizers have informed us that they have asked every bike shop in Vitoria-Gasteiz and no shop will rent bikes for the event. They recommend that all athletes either bring their own bike or buy one in Spain. The organizers have let us know that the following bike shops are available for bike tune-ups:

Gama Bicicletas:
Beato Tomas de Zumarraga 11 street
Telf: 945 24 75 42

Ciclos Sport
Nueva Fuera 6 / Francia 1 Street
945 25 75 74

Team USA Bike Checklist

Congratulations on making Team USA. Below are a few things that will help the team mechanics better serve you.

Make sure your bike is in working order - Taking your bike to your local bike shop for a tune-up is recommended. Try to give your shop two weeks before your trip in the event of major repairs that you may not be aware of. Packing your bike - If you are uncomfortable packing your bike, please allow your bike shop to assist you. If you pack your bike, please make sure that your pedals, seat/seat post, wheels, helmet, and any other race day equipment make it in the box. Please secure smaller items such as pedals and stems in a bag or small box so they are not lost in transport. Unpacking your bike - We do encourage you to assemble your bike as much as you can. If you are not comfortable with this task, then we are glad to assist you. It is easier for us to assemble your bike correctly than it is to repair a badly stripped out bolt or replace a broken part.

Mechanics are present at races on a volunteer basis. We will try to be prepared for any bike repair that we encounter. If you have a bike with special needs, such as a wheel-set that requires a different spoke tool, or a bike that has odd sized bolts, please bring proper tools just in case we do not have them. With sometimes hundreds of bikes to work on, it is hard to have every tool and bolt that we may need to get you on the road safely. If we do encounter bikes that need major repairs we will do our best to get these bikes on the road for the event. Thanks for helping us help you.


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Cancellation Policy

The local organizing committee in Spain has announced the final entry fee payment for the World Championships in Vitoria. Between June 1, 2012 – July 9, 2012, the entry fee will be $225.00. A registration link will be emailed to you from Team USA. If you do not receive the link by the end of day June 1, please contact

After July 9, 2012, entry fees will be sent to ITU. You will not be eligible for a refund after July 9, 2012. Refunds requested before July 9, 2012 will be subject to a $25 administrative fee. Email with any payment questions or to cancel your entry.

Team USA Forum

CLICK HERE for access to the Team USA Forum.

FAQ's (Courtesy of the LOC in Victoria)

Where will registration take place? where is the Info point?
The registration will take place in the Expo Zone (Virgen Blanca Square)

Will there be access to swim course for pre event swim training?
As you can see in the Official Schedule, on Friday it will be the Official pre event swim training. We recommend each participant to go there by bike as after the swim training there will be the bike course familiarization.

How will bike course familiarization work?

Athletes have to arrive at T1 by bike in order to proceed to recognize the part of the bike course from Vitoria-Gasteiz to Landa. Coaches will take the bus, from the specified hotels over the following schedule: Holiday Inn 8:45 a.m.; Jardines de Uleta 9:00 a.m.; Ciudad de Vitoria 9:10 a.m.; Gran Hotel Lakua 9:20 a.m.; Boulevard Vitoria 9:30 a.m.

Once the Swim familiarization is finished, coaches will escort athletes by bus during the bike course familiarization. Bike course familiarization will finish at T2.

What transport will be provided for bike racking and transition bag drop off?
On Saturday every triathlete should leave the running bag on T2 and the bike must be on T1.
Organization will provide buses from Olaguibel street (T2) to Landa Provintial Park (T1) so triathletes can travel with their bikes, leave at T1 and come back.

Are shuttles available race morning from the finish area to the start (lake)?
Organization will provide buses that will leave from official hotels to start area the day of the race.
First buses will be for triathletes and later buses for supporters (also leave from official hotels). Buses for supporter will bring them back to the city center, near the finish area. Please check the Schedule.

Where are Opening and Closing ceremonies being held?
If you check the Schedule, you can see there will be an Opening Ceremony on Friday afternoon (before Pasta Party) and medal ceremony and Finisher Party will take place on Sunday.

Can my friends and family purchase a ticket to the Pasta Party?

Vouchers for those that wish to accompany athletes to the Pasta Party will be available at a cost of 10 Euros at the Info Center. The Info Center is located at Virgen Blanca Square.

What is the anticipated climate of the year?
The climate in Vitoria- Gasteiz in July is quite dry although it can be changing. The average max temperature is 27º C, the min. temperature is 10,2ºC, the average mescal temperature is 18,9ºC and the average precipitations is 18,4 mm (average using data from last 10 years). The average water temperature is 17º. We recommend wetsuits.

What are going to be the flavors of Aquarius and Infisport gel in provisioning?
There will be water, lemon and orange Aquarius, Powerade, Coca Cola as beverages.
For gels there will be lemon, Orange and Cola flavored.

Which are the time cut offs (deadlines) for swimming and cycling?
The cut off (deadline) for swimming will be at 11:30h and the cut off (deadline) for cycling will be at 15:30h.
Check the official Schedule for more info about Start waves.

Is it possible to rent a Bike?
Unfortunately, we have asked to every bike shop in Vitoria-- Gasteiz and no shop will rent bikes for the event. Bring your own or buy here one.

Will the event be televised?

The event will be live streaming on the internet through the following website: You may also follow the competition on Facebook at or on Twitter @TriVitoria #TriVitoriaWChamp. Live results will be posted at