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Bike service

There are several excellent bike-shops in and around Zofingen. There is a bike doctor available for the athletes at the transition area as of Saturday and Sunday. Link to all Powerman bike-shops

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Competition Rules
All participants are responsible for starting the race in a well-trained, physically healthy condition. Both, the existing regulations of the ITU, and these written competition rules are to be strictly observed. Traffic regulations must be adhered to and instructions from referees, judges and race officials are to be complied with.

Racing Gear/Start Numbers
All participants are responsible for their own racing gear. Racing with an unclothed upper body is strictly forbidden on the run as well as on the bike courses. The changing of clothing is allowed only in the official transition area. The start number has to be worn on the front of the body for the running course and on the back of the body for the bike course. The number must not be folded nor concealed by clothing. Three helmet number stickers must be placed, one in the front, one on the left and one on the right side. The bike start number has to be attached in a way that it is well visible from the left side during the race.

Cycling is an individual time trial without any personnel assistance. Drafting (Slipstream cycling behind or next to another cyclist) is forbidden. The minimal distance between the two bikes must be 10m (front wheel to front wheel), the lateral distance at least 2m, and the time to pass another participant must not exceed 30sec. Drafting rules apply for elite and age group!

Participants who violate these regulations can be disqualified immediately by a race official, or can be charged with a yellow card («Stop and Go») or the black card.

Yellow card (Stop and Go): stop, put both feet on the ground on the same side of the bike, lift the bike for a short instance and continue according to the race official's instructions. No limited number of repetitions, e.g. theoretically, each athlete can receive a multitude of yellow cards.

Black card (penalty box): The athlete has to stop (the same p rocedure as by the yellow card). The starting number will be marked with a black line.
1. black card = one line on the starting number (diagonal) means a penalty time of 2 minutes.
2. black card = second line on the starting number (a cross) means a penalty of 4 minutes.
3. black card = disqualification (the starting number will not be collected. The athlete can finish the race if he or she wants to).
The sentence (penalty time) has to be served in the penalty box. The penalty box is situated just right after the transition area at the beginning of the second run.

A hard shell helmet has to be worn. It is mandatory to wear the helmet (buckle must be closed!) from the moment you get the bicycle until you rack your bike again. There is oncoming traffic on the bike course. The traffic rules have to be obeyed. E.g. a crossed safety line leads to a disqualification. Dangerous downhill sections will be marked with a yellow flag. That means the speed has to be adapted immediately! 

Course Nutrition
for a listing of products provided on the race course and how they will be offered at aid stations.

Food and Drink
There are sufficient food and drink stations around the race course. Drinks are: water and hypotonic drinks. Food on the Long Distance circuit are: bananas, energy bars and gels. Self food supply on the bike course has to take place in each case 50m before or after an official food supply post.

Permitted finishing times / time limits
Long Distance
The permitted finishing time for the 3rd bike loop is at 2:00 p.m.
The permitted finishing time for bike – 2nd run is at 4:00 p.m. in the transition area
The permitted finishing time for the 2nd running loop is at 6:00 p.m. in the transition area
The permitted time to finish the race is 8:00 p.m.

No doping. The organizer is allowed to make doping controls.

The finisher-shirts and the medals for the participants of the Powerman Long Distance will be handed to athletes after crossing the finish line.

Award Ceremony
The award winning ceremony for the Short Distance Duathlon will take place at 2:15pm in the Powerman expo arena, and the Long Distance award ceremony on Sunday at 8:00pm in the town hall ("Stadtsaal"). Prizes will be given to winners in person only. Not collected prizes become property of the organizer.

Post Race Party
The Post Race Party will take place on Sunday at 7.00 p.m. in the town hall ("Stadtsaal"). Inclusive free dinner for Powerman Long Distance Duathlon finishers.