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Race Venue

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Run Course

First run (10k)
The first run consists of 2 laps of 5k. The course is demanding – one half is on asphalted streets and the other halt on paths through the forest. The accurate lenght of the first run is 9‘200m.

Second run (30 k)
There are two laps to be completed on our hilly running course. There is a turning point at 7.5k and 22.5k. 70% of the running course are on asphalted streets and 30% are on paths through the forest. The accurate lenght of the second run is 29‘100m.

Transition area

The transition area is located on a field right next to the historic city center of Zofingen and is surrounded by the Powerman Arena.

Run course preview
Lap 1

Lap 2


Bike Course

Bike course (150k)
There are three laps of 50k to be completed on the very demanding bike course. The route leads through a beautiful and hilly landscape and passes by twice the transition area. Please note the bike course is not completely closed for traffic!

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Bike course preview

Video Clips