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Posted By: Wheels | 1/27/2013 at 9:13 PM


Am I the ONLY Athena racer that is in shock due to the weight increase for Athena Division?  from 150 to 165!  USAT you have to be kidding!  If USAT is trying to abolish Athena division, this is a very good and terrible start!.  And have they done away with Athena & Clydes 40 over and 39 & under????? 

There are very few lady racers in Athena Division to start with...... in 2012 in Burlington, only 9 sprint Athenas and 12 Olympic Athenas compared to 63 in my Age group.........why would USAT want to create a division that NO one will enter? amazing! in a bad way.  Are there any 165 racing 70.3?

I would like to hear from other Athena racers or 165 racers as I am protesting this change.   I bet after a year of failure with this division, in 2014 USAT will rethink their mistake and change it back to 150.