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The purpose of this Agreement is to establish a partnership between you, as a recognized national-caliber collegiate running coach, and USA Triathlon, the national governing body for the sport of triathlon, for the mutual benefit of our respective organizations, programs, and athletes.  In order to field the best talent America has to offer at future Olympic Games and World Championships, USA Triathlon needs your help in identifying the next generation of elite triathletes.  In return for your support, we have developed the incentive program described below.

USAT Collegiate Recruitment Plan
As you may know, triathlon was introduced to the Olympic program in 2000 at the Sydney Games.  In three Olympic Games, Team USA triathletes have earned one Bronze medal.  In all three Games, all but one of the US Olympic Triathlon Team members has come to triathlon from a NCAA Division I swimming or running background.  Surprisingly, fewer than 25% of our Olympians competed in a triathlon prior to their college graduation.  Looking ahead, USAT believes a majority of our 2012 and 2016 Olympians will follow the pattern of having a collegiate swim or run background, along with some prior experience in the other sport.

In 2009, USAT is beginning an innovative Collegiate Recruitment Plan aimed at graduating collegiate athletes.  As a collegiate coach, you would play an integral role in helping us identify these athletes.  Our hope is to establish a partnership that is mutually beneficial to your program and ours, while increasing the opportunities for many of these outstanding athletes to continue practicing sport at a high level.

The USAT Collegiate Recruitment Plan will consist of three phases:

  1. Partnership:  Create partnerships with successful collegiate coaches who are in a position to refer to USAT athletes meeting our performance benchmarks.  Educate these coaches about opportunities for their athletes, post-graduation, in the Olympic sport of triathlon.
  2. Outreach:  Following up on the coach’s recommendations, USAT’s Collegiate Recruitment Coordinator will contact identified athletes and inform them about the opportunities that await them after their running commitment to your school has been fulfilled.  Athletes who express a real interest in triathlon will be added to our contact list for routine follow-up.
  3. Mentorship:  Continue a mentorship relationship with identified athletes as they complete their collegiate experience and begin their professional triathlon careers.

Talent Id Criteria
USAT is looking for athletes who fit the following criteria

Collegiate Runners

  • For men, a 10k PR of Sub-32’ or 5k of 15:20.
  • For women, a 10k PR of Sub-35’ or a 5k of 17:00.
  • Athlete has a swimming background from high school or club.
  • Athlete has little desire or insufficient ability to compete in professional running post-graduation.

Collegiate Swimmers

  • NCAA qualifier, especially in middle distance, distance free, or IM events.
  • Athlete has either a running background in high school or is identified by the swim coach through dryland training to be a fluid, competent runner with future potential.
  • Athlete has little desire or insufficient ability to compete in professional swimming post-graduation.
  • Athlete has the potential to have a “runner’s build” once the swim emphasis is changed to run emphasis.

Partnership Agreement

Coach’s Obligations

  • Embrace the recruitment plan as stated above.
  • Share and discuss this plan with any athlete the coach believes fits the criteria.
  • Secure permission from the athlete to forward his/her contact information to USAT.
  • Provide the name and contact details of qualified athletes to the USAT Collegiate Recruitment Coordinator, either by phone or email.

USAT Obligations

  • Respect and be sensitive to the commitment the athlete has to his/her collegiate program, and not to interfere with the fulfillment of that commitment.
  • Share the names of the coaches/universities that agree to participate in the Collegiate Recruitment Plan with any high school runner/swimmer already identified by USAT.
  • Pay the following financial incentives to the coach’s program for each athlete who achieves the following:
    • $5000 for an Olympic Triathlete.
    • $3000 for a National Team Member within 4 years of graduation.
    • $300 for an U23 World Championship Team Member.
    • $50 for each athlete submitted by the undersigned coach who is determined to have met the foregoing criteria, as determined solely by the USAT Collegiate Recruitment Coordinator.


  • If the undersigned coach leaves the university position for another university, the incentive structure follows the coach and the coach’s new program remains eligible for any prior submissions.
  • If the coach retires from coaching, the coach has the option to pass along the incentive to the next coach of that university or relinquish the incentive, provided the new coach agrees to participate in this Collegiate Recruitment Plan.
  • Incentives are paid twice per year on April 1 and September 1.
  • There is a cap of $5000 per athlete during his/her triathlon career.
  • An athlete is deemed unqualified for this incentive if the athlete has already been identified by USAT (i.e. member of a USAT High Performance, Junior, or U23 Team) or if the athlete has competed at the USAT Age Group National Championships.