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US Anti-Doping Agency

The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is dedicated to preserving the integrity of competition, inspiring true sport and protecting the rights of US Athletes.  USADA oversees and coordinates the Olympic drug testing program in the United States. Athletes who compete, are members or license holders of an NGB, or who fall under USADA's testing jurisdiction as defined in the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement testing, are subject to testing both in and out of competition.  Athlete are subject to both urine and blood testing that can occur at any time and in any place.

For more information regarding USADA's testing procedures and athlete rights and responsibilities, please visit their website

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Elite Membership Qualification

Athletes wishing to race as an elite triathlete, duathlete or off-road triathlete in any USAT sanctioned event must hold a USAT elite license in their respective category. Elite membership will be available to qualified, highly competitive, and experienced athletes who meet the qualifications respective to their license category as outlined in the Elite License Qualification Criteria. Only athletes holding an elite license are eligible to compete in the elite wave of any USAT sanctioned event that offers a minimum prize purse of $5,000. The terms "elite" and "professional" are used interchangeably but USAT prefers that these athletes be referred to as "elites" in order to align with the ITU and USOC.

Visit the Elite Membership Qualification page to learn more.

Event Qualification

Click on the links below to read the qualification criteria for each type of event.

ITU Olympic Distance Draft-Legal Racing
2014 USA Triathlon ITU World Triathlon Series Event Selection Criteria
2014 USA Triathlon ITU World Cup Event Selection Criteria
2014 USA Triathlon ITU Continental Cup Event Selection Criteria
2014 USA Triathlon ITU Monterrey Olympic Festival Selection Criteria
Nomination Procedure Agreement
Principles of Athlete Selection

2014 ITU Elite World Championship Qualification Criteria (Winter, Cross, Duathlon, Long Course) 
2014 Elite World Championship Criteria

*To be eligible to compete at any Elite World Championship event you must be a current USAT elite license card holder at the time of qualification. This also holds true when competing in qualifying events that do not have an elite specific wave. 


Elite Team Qualification

Click on the links below to read the qualification criteria for each type of team.

National Team Program Qualification
2014 USA Triathlon National Team Criteria
USA Triathlon Aurum Project Criteria