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US Anti-Doping Agency

The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is dedicated to preserving the integrity of competition, inspiring true sport and protecting the rights of US Athletes.  USADA oversees and coordinates the Olympic drug testing program in the United States. Athletes who compete, are members or license holders of an NGB, or who fall under USADA's testing jurisdiction as defined in the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement testing, are subject to testing both in and out of competition.  Athlete are subject to both urine and blood testing that can occur at any time and in any place.

For more information regarding USADA's testing procedures and athlete rights and responsibilities, please visit their website

Athlete Profiler

USA Triathlon uses the Athlete Profiler to identify athletes for invitation to Select Camps and National Team programs. The Athlete Profiler also serves as an important two-way communication tool between USAT and its younger members. Once an athlete has created a profile, they are able to update it from time-to-time with their most recent personal best times and race results. USAT often uses the Athlete Profiler to contact athletes about upcoming events and opportunities. Athletes 23 and under are encouraged to create an Athlete Profile using the link below.

If you have questions about developmental opportunities for U23s, please contact Andy Schmitz, High Performance General Manager at

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U23 Competition

The Under-23 or “U23” division is a bridge between Junior Elite, Collegiate (Elite) and Elite competition.  To compete in the U23 division, an athlete must be between the ages of 18 and 23 as of December 31st of the competition year.  Most U23 races are actually subdivisions within ITU Continental Cups.  This means that in order to compete as a U23, an athlete must hold a USAT Elite License.  U23s compete at the Olympic Distance (1.5k/40k/10k) and the format is draft-legal.  Most Junior Elites (16 to 19 year olds) are encouraged to finish out their eligibility in the junior division before advancing to the U23 races because of the longer distances.  U23 champions are recognized at the USAT U23 National Championship, CAMTRI U23 Pan American Championship, and ITU U23 World Championship.

Athletes interested in racing U23 are encourage to start with USAT's designated Elite Development Races (EDRs), which offer both a sprint distance, draft-legal experience and a chance to earn eligibility for the USAT Elite License.  EDRs are listed on the draft-legal race calendar linked below.


ITU Under-23 World Championships

Each year USA Triathlon qualifies a group of elite triathletes aged 18-23 who will compete at the ITU Under-23 (U23) World Championships. The 2015 World Championships will be held in Chicago, Illinois.

The automatic selection event for the 2015 U23 Worlds will be the CAMTRI Monterrey (Mex) U23 American Championships on May 2, 2015.  

2015 Team Selection Criteria 

USAT Under-23 National Championships

The USAT Under-23 National Championships is a draft-legal triathlon contested under ITU Competition Rules.

The U23 National Championships will take place in Dallas, Texas.  The championships is a sub-division of the ITU Continental Cup, which requires a USAT Elite License for entry.

Dallas CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup
PlayTri Festival
Dallas/Irving, Texas

FISU World University Championships

The FISU World University Championship is a draft-legal, ITU-sanctioned triathlon contested every two years.  The most recently FISU WUCs took place in Taiwan in 2012 and Brazil in 2014.  USA Triathlon endorses a team to provide collegiate elite athletes with the opportunity to continue their athletic development by demonstrating their abilities at the highest levels of international triathlon competition, with a focus of maximizing podium performance.

2016 FISU WUC Triathlon
Nyon, Switzerland

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