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2014 MTR Series Events

FIU Mixed Team Relay Tri
North Miami, FL

Tortoises and Hares Tag Team Tri
Pflugerville, TX

Past MTR Series Events

Rev3 Rush Mixed Team Relay
Richmond, VA

MMTT Mixed Team Relay
Geneva, IL

What is the Mixed Team Relay (MTR) Series?

2014 marks the Mixed Team Realy (MTR) Super Sprint Series' inaugural year! The MTR Super Sprint Series was created in an effort to drive continued participation in multisport and raise awareness regarding the fun and exciting aspect of mixed team relay racing. Although the mixed team relay format has been around for years, USA Triathlon now further exposing the fun, exciting, and camaraderie building race that is sometimes forgotten. Grab two males and two females to complete your four person team to compete in a super sprint distance mixed team relay!

All events within the series are required to have timing, but are splits are not required.

To participate in the USA Triathlon MTR Super Sprint Series, athletes must be at least 10 years of age and each event within the series will include both youth and adult.  All events are open to first-timers, community groups, families, companies and corporations, seasoned veterans, and those looking to stay active - all while in an event atmosphere. Teams may be a mix of youth and adult athletes so gather your teammates to participate!

Why participate?

  • Exposes athletes to the unique and dynamic format of a mixed team relay!
  • Fosters teamwork and camaraderie among both males and females in a super sprint mixed team relay format!
  • Continues to expose and educate all athletes to the multisport lifestyle, all while being involved in a fun, exciting, and safe atmosphere!
  • Engages all athletes in pre-race and post-race activities such as vendors areas, clinics, and additional educational opportunities.
  • Creates an opportunity to meet friends and other athletes who engage or want to become engaged in the multisport lifestyle!
  • Perfect for youth and adult, first-timers, community groups, corporations and companies, seasoned veterans, and those looking to stay active.

Event Format & Distances

Relay teams will consist of four persons and must have two (2) males and two (2) females per team. No exceptions. The order must be a female first, male second, female third and a male athlete fourth.

All participants within a team will complete the swim sequentially, bike sequentially, and run sequentially. To further clarify, athlete 1 will complete the swim, tag athlete 2 who will then complete the swim, tag athlete 3 who will complete the swim, then tag athlete 4 to complete the swim. After athlete 4 completes the swim, they will then tag athlete 1 who will be waiting in transition to set out on the bike. The same process continues for the remainder of the bike and run portions of the race.

The following divisional categories should be based on combined ages of the participants on each team. They will be as follows: 130 years or less, 131-160 years, 161-239 years, 240+ years.

The event distances will be that of a super sprint and must fall within the following ranges:

Ages 10+

(youth and adult)


100-150 meters





(distances based on one leg of the race)

Can I participate?

Absolutely! You are eligible to take part in the MTR Series if you are 10 years of age or older and have a USA Triathlon Annual or One-Day Membership! If you do not yet have a membership, you may purchase one prior to or on race day with the event's race director. You may also visit the USA Triathlon Membership site to purchase your Annual Membership and in turn, qualify for all Annual Member benefits!

Be prepared for a great experience and bring a positive attitude!

What is USAT Sanctioning?

All events within the MTR Super Sprint Series are USA Triathlon Sanctioned. 

The term “sanction” refers to the compliance of a multisport event to USA Triathlon’s safety requirements. Safety plans, course maps, and event details must be submitted for review by experienced USA Triathlon staff. This ensures events are safe and fair competition environments.

USA Triathlon sanctions more than 4,000 events across the country. USA Triathlon not only sanctions triathlons, but also paratriathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, aquabikes, off-road events, winter triathlons, youth races, camps and clinics.