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Webinar: Run Mechanics


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Topic: Run Mechanics

This webinar will cover run mechanics from both a quantitative, and practical perspective.

Have you ever wondered what key characteristics separate elite run mechanics from average, or how to translate your great open run speed to off the bike run speed? Attendees will learn:
1) What each phase of the run stride should look/feel like. 2) What the difference is (from a mechanics standpoint) between off the bike and open run mechanics. 3) What proper stride rate should be and why. 4) How to fix identified deficiencies in your mechanics that lead to injuries, and how to fix them with appropriate strength and stretching exercises.

This webinar will include video and/or photo examples of run mechanics analysis recorded by Coach Jesse over the past several years.

Purchase the archived webinar here.

    Jesse Kropelnicki

    Jesse Kropelnicki founded QT2 Systems, LLC; a leading provider of personal triathlon and run coaching, a leading provider of sports nutrition, as well as Your 26.2 a provider of marathon training programs. He is the triathlon coach of over 15 professional athletes and Ironman Champions including: Caitlin Snow, Jessie Donavan, and Pedro Gomes among others. He's a regular contributor to Lava Magazine, and; has been certified as a USAT Level III coach, NSCA CSCS, and ACSM CpT; has completed USAT's Elite Mentorship Program in Colorado Springs; and has a Master's Degree from Northeastern University.



    Event Type: National
    Entry Fee: $24.99 for USAT Members and Race Directors; $39.99 for Non-Members
    Event Date: Jul. 21, 2011
    Start Time: 3:00 PM MST

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