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Webinar: Sequencing Workouts


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Topic: Sequencing Workouts

The most crucial element of triathlon training is how to structure your daily, weekly, and monthly workouts. The quality of each workout is of the highest priority and how the coach or athlete schedules each training session will have an impact on the quality of the workout. So what is the proper way to schedule each session? Because of the many different sports and various distance races there are many different ways to design a training schedule.

This webinar will dissect ways to sequence workouts within a weekly and monthly training block. It will use feedback from athletes, coaching experience, and research results to help guide attendees to result oriented training program design. This webinar is perfect for all coaches and athletes who like to know the Why behind a workout.

Purchase this archived webinar here.

Lee Zohlman

Lee Zohlman began his multisport career in 1996 after leaving the lucrative field of television broadcasting and was one of the first 25 USA Triathlon coaches ever to be certified by USAT. He is currently a Level III certified coach and the founder of BodyZen Enterprises, an endurance sports coaching company. He also owns Universal Multisport, one of the leading sports marketing companies focused on endurance sports.



Event Type: National
Entry Fee: $24.99
Event Date: Sep. 21, 2011
Start Time: 3:00 PM 

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