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Race Directions

Transition will be located at Waterfront Park on Lake Champlain in Burlington.

Bike Directions

Directions Distance
1. Mount your bike at Waterfront Park bike path and head South Go .16 mile
2. Turn left (East) on College Street Go .05 mile
3. Turn right (South) onto Lake Street.  Go .10 mile
4. Turn Left (East) onto Main Street Go .15 mile
5. Turn right (South) onto Pine Street.  Go .6 mile
6. Turn around at Howard Street.
7. Turn around at Howard Street and ride North to Main Street  Go .6 mile
8. Turn left (West) on Main Street Go .15 mile
9. Turn Right (North) onto Battery Street Go .23 mile
10. Continue straight (North) onto Park Street Go .51 mile
11. Continue straight (North) onto Highway 127 Go .93 mile
12. Take the Highway 127 exit to take you West toward North Ave Go.63 mile
13. Turn around after the grass median before getting to North Ave.
14. Turn around before North Ave. and head East toward Highway 127 Go .31 mile
15. Enter Highway 127 North via entrance ramp Go .21 mile
16. Merge onto Highway 127 North Go 2.15 miles
17. Turn around at Plattsburg Ave.
18. Head back south on Highway 127 toward transition Go 3.27 miles
19. Continue straight (South) on Park Street Go .5 mile
20. Continue straight (South) on Battery Street Go .23 mile
21. Turn right (West) onto Main Street  Go .04 mile
22. Turn right (North) onto Lake Street Go .3 mile
23. Turn left (West) over the railroad tracks toward transition entrance Go .03 mile

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Race Maps

Venue/Transition Flow


Swim Course

Bike Course

Bike Course (Map 1)

Bike Course (Map 2)

Bike Course (Map 3)

Run Course

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