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Metro Parks Waiver

All athletes competing at the Youth and Junior National Championships will need to bring a signed copy of the Metro Parks waiver with them to packet pick-up. The waiver needs to be signed by a parent or guardian if the athlete is under 18 years of age. Any athlete that does not have a waiver on file by the start of their race WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPETE. CLICK HERE to obtain a copy of the Metro Parks waiver.

Have Your Plans Changed?

We understand that sometimes plans change or injuries occur that keep you from racing. Because of the limited number of spots available in the Youth Elite & Junior Elite fields, when an athlete withdraws from the race, we do our best to fill the spot through Wild Card requests. The sooner you notify USAT of your intent to withdraw from the competition, the better chance another athlete will have of taking your place. If you are not planning to race in Ohio, please notify Steve Kelley, USAT Athlete Development Coordinator, at as soon as possible.


CLICK HERE for the 2012 Development Team Championship standings as of July 19, 2012

CLICK HERE for the 2012 Youth Elite and Junior Elite Series standings as of July 19, 2012


The Junior Elite race is a draft-legal race for athletes ages 16-19. Athletes must qualify for this race.

CLICK HERE for your Elite information packet from Head Official, Craig Hanken.


Draft-Legal Rules Summary

  • The pre-race briefing is mandatory.
  • Time penalties assessed in the Penalty Box on the run course or stop-and-go in transition.
  • Wetsuits are not allowed above 20°C (68°F).
  • Athletes must move forward after the start signal.
  • Blocking or interfering with the forward progress of another competitor is not allowed.
  • Athletes lapped (overtaken) on the bike course will be withdrawn from the competition.
  • Helmet chin-strap must be buckled at all times when touching the bike.
  • Aero helmets are not permitted.
  • All equipment must be placed in your individual transition bin after use.
  • Torso must be covered from race start to finish.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including inappropriate language directed at fellow competitors, volunteers, or officials, may result in disqualification.
  • Bicycle must have a traditional triangular frame; wheels must have at least 12 spokes and should be of equal dimensions; handlebars must be traditional drop-style with bar-ends plugged; clip-on aerobars may not extend beyond the brake levers’ foremost line and must be bridged; no bar-end gear shifters allowed; elbow pads are allowed; wheels can be replaced only at official Wheel Stops (when provided) and the athlete is responsible for replacing the wheel in the forks; there are no junior gear restrictions as in cycling.

Race Uniform Rules

  • Torso must be covered from race start to finish.
  • Last name and country code are not required on race suit, but are highly recommended.
  • No limitations apply with respect to logo placements.
  • Front zippers are allowed but may not be lowered during the race.
  • The recommended race suit for men is a one piece “tri suit” with a rear zipper.  The recommended race suit for women is either a one piece swimsuit or a one piece tri suit.
  • Athletes who intend to participate in international junior competitions (such as any ITU/PATCO championship or ITU World Championships) will need to comply with ITU Uniform Rules. 

    For more information on racing as a Youth Elite please email


    Who will earn one of the 75 coveted starting positions at the 2012 Junior Elite National Championships?

    *Spots roll down; excludes athletes already qualified and non-US athletes

    Click here for a Wild Card/Solidarity Application

    Click here to view the 2012 Elite Race Series Guide

    Click here for FAQ's for qualifying for the Junior Elite National Championship

    Click here to view the Qualification Protocol document. 

    Participant List
    CLICK HERE for a start list


    *Note: The registration site cannot be accessed on mobile devices. Please register using a desktop or laptop computer.

    Registration is now closed.

    Entry fee: $50.00

    The  race field will be limited to 75 males and 75 females.

    Participant List

    CLICK HERE for a participant list

    Course Maps


    *Pontoon start




    Any team tents set up at the VOA Lodge MUST be broken down on Saturday by 2:30pm. You may re-set them up at 6am on Sunday morning if you wish.

    *Click on each map for printable version

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