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Webinar: Coaching the Inner State


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Topic: Coaching the Inner State
Presenter: Lisa Engles

These days to be a coach, you need to (and are expected to) do more than write workout plans and coach workouts to lead your athletes through a successful season.  Success or failure is not only determined by the quality of the training plan you write, but ultimately by your athlete’s mental state. If they believe that they’ll succeed, they will. If they don’t, they won’t. Unfortunately, coaching the mental-state is often a side thought and becomes nothing more than a motivational pep-talk before a race or a cheerleading act during workouts.

In this webinar you’ll learn some simple tools and techniques that you can begin implementing immediately into your coaching practice that will help your athletes break through belief-barriers that are keeping them from the peak performance they’ve been dreaming of. We’ll also discuss:

  • How to begin implementing a ‘mental training plan’ into your athletes current schedule
  • Common limiting beliefs amongst multi-sport athletes
  • Common payoffs for limiting beliefs
  • How to use powerful inquiry to identify your athletes limiting beliefs and help them overcome them
  • How to ensure that your athletes goals will help them achieve their most important values
  • Two simple techniques you should be using with all of your athletes to keep them motivated and confident throughout the season
  • Pioneering research which gives us solid and conclusive evidence that our thoughts affect our body at a cellular and molecular level and much more

Lisa Engles

Lisa is the founder of InnerState Coaching and is dedicated to providing mind-body integrated programs and services to help people live a healthy, fit and fulfilling life. Lisa developed her holistic approach to coaching over her 15+ years of guiding athletes, personal training clients and fitness professionals towards realizing their optimal health, fitness and wellness potential.

Lisa has been a continuing education provider and presenter for corporations and organizations including USA Triathlon, and Western Athletic Clubs.  She is currently the Marketing Director for Evolution Trainers in Mountain View, CA.  She holds a degree in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology and is a certified USAT coach, Life Coach and Personal Trainer.

Lisa was formerly a featured talk show host on the 7th Wave channel of Voice America network as well as the head coach of the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club, one of the nations largest triathlon clubs from 2002-2007.



Event Type: National
Entry Fee: $24.99 for USAT Members or Coaches; $39.99 for Non-Members
Event Date: Oct. 1, 2012
Start Time: 4:00 PM MST

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