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Webinar: Preventing Premature Aging: Maintaining Healthy, Youthful Skin


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Topic: Preventing Premature Aging: Maintaining Healthy, Youthful Skin (with special guest David Glover):

Do you spend a lot of time in the sun training?  According to the American Cancer Society, each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.  

Triathletes and other endurance athletes are susceptible to premature aging from sustained exposure to elements such as sun, pool chemicals and wind. High sweat rates can also dehydrate the skin, causing wrinkling and irritation. Moreover, the skin is an organ and topical solutions such as moisturizers, sunscreens and makeup are absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream affecting our health. 

The goal of this webinar is to help you (or your clients if you are a coach) develop a healthy, cost effective skin care regimen to mitigate the signs of premature aging and minimize chance of skin cancer.

Topics covered include:

  • Key ingredients in topical skin care and protection products and how they impact your skin
  • Foods and supplements that support and enhance skin health 
  • The effect of procedures like facials and peels on skin health and appearance
  • Sun-safe practices to minimize your chances of skin cancer

 A special thanks to the Joanna M. Nicolay Melanoma Foundation as a partner in providing research and information for this webinar.

Purchase this archived webinar here.

Krista Schultz

As a coach and exercise physiologist specializing in endurance sports testing including blood lactate, VO2 max and resting metabolic rate (RMR), Krista helps hundreds athletes each year. She regularly speaks at camps and seminars and is a co-founder of the She Does Tri Camps for Women.

Krista Schultz has her BS and MEd in Exercise Physiology from University of New Orleans and Goucher College (respectively) and is currently certified by:

As a triathlete, Krista accomplishments include:




Event Type: National
Entry Fee: $24.99 for USAT Members and Race Directors; $39.99 for Non-Members
Event Date: Jan. 30, 2013
Start Time: 4:00 PM MST

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