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Webinar: Coaching the Inner State Part 2: EFT for a Breakthrough Season


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Topic: Coaching the Inner State Part 2: EFT for a Breakthrough Season

It's been said that success in sport is 1% physical and 99% mental, yet most coaches focus their attention on writing training plans to condition their athletes' bodies while spending relatively little time conditioning their athletes' minds. This webinar gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the majority of coaches out there by giving you access to a powerful tool for transforming your athletes self-sabotaging thoughts and attitudes quickly and easily- without having to be a psychologist.

EFT, also known as ‘meridian tapping', is powerful acupressure technique that can propel your athletes toward success by eliminating performance related stress and tension, and getting them over barriers such as nervousness, lack of confidence, and much more. EFT is simple to learn and apply, making it a perfect tool for coaches to use with their athletes.

In this webinar coaches will learn the basic EFT recipe to help their athletes: 

  • Breakthrough training and racing plateaus
  • Take control of their mental focus, self-talk and internal imagery
  • Release tension and anxiety associated with performance
  • Release negative emotions and effects of past failures
  • Address their self-image/identity, and eliminate any negative self-beliefs which could hinder peak performance
  • Identify and strengthen positive self-beliefs and beliefs about performance
  • Become comfortable with the idea of success
  • Improve self confidence

Recommended Prerequisite: Coaching the Inner State 

Purchase this archived webinar here.

Lisa Engles

Lisa Engles is an advanced level EFT practitioner who has successfully used this technique with her athletes since 2006. She is the founder of InnerState Coaching and is the former head coach of the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club and is currently the Marketing Director for Evolution Trainings in Mountain View, California. She holds a degree in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology and is a certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer.




Event Type: National
Entry Fee: $24.99 for USAT Members and Race Directors; $39.99 for Non-Members
Event Date: Jan. 29, 2013
Start Time: 4:00 PM MST

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