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Webinar: Restoration and Recovery After a Long Course Race or Racing Season


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Topic: Restoration and Recovery After a Long Course Race or Racing Season

This webinar will discuss one of triathlon's most mystifying concepts: Restoration/Recovery. Find out how you can get the most out of your season by incorporating recovery methods both immediately following the workout and in the hours afterwards, as well as at season end in prep for the following year. Find out the potential impacts of not taking restoration and recovery seriously.

What You Will Learn:

(1) What Restoration/Recovery is, and how it relates to your fitness. (2) How/when to incorporate recovery days/weeks into your training plan. (3) Different methods of Restoration/Recovery, from sleep and nutrition to compression clothing and pneumatic boots.

Purchase this archived webinar here.

Jesse Kropelnicki

Jesse Kropelnicki is a USAT Level III elite triathlon coach, who founded QT2 Systems, LLC, as well as He is the triathlon coach of many top-level professional triathletes. His interests lie in coaching professional triathletes, using quantitative training and nutrition protocols. Jesse is also a regular presenter at USAT coaching clinics and webinars.



Event Type: National
Entry Fee: $24.99 for USAT Members, Coaches and Race Directors; $39.99 for Non-Members
Event Date: Nov. 12, 2013
Start Time: 3:00 PM MST

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