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Webinar: Cross Training Transfer in Triathlon - The Science Behind Training in Swimming, Cycling and Running


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Topic:  Cross Training Transfer in Triathlon - The Science Behind Training in Swimming, Cycling and Running

Triathlon’s unique nature of training and competition is found in its multisport components within the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. These three disciplines have very mode specific technical features and contrasting physiological responses, with training in each mode leading to very sport specific and triathlon competition related outcomes. Manipulation of training variables, especially volume and intensity in swimming, cycling and running, is especially important in providing an individualized ‘recipe’ for triathletes competing at different levels or triathlon events. In this webinar presentation, David Bentley PhD will explore the acute physiological responses to single training episodes in swimming, cycling and running, and how these responses and mechanical characteristics can be applied to long term adaptations and overall triathlon performance.

Upon completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Define what is meant by ‘cross training’ and ‘cross training transfer’.
  • Outline what is understood about cross training transfer in triathletes
  • Understand the contrasting physiology and technical characteristics of swimming, cycling and running as a basis for advanced prescription of triathlon training
  • Design different training plans for triathletes where the dose of swimming, cycling or running is manipulated for a desired triathlon performance outcome.

Purchase this archived webinar on-demand here.

David Bentley

David Bentley completed PhD studies in the United Kingdom and advised the British Triathlon federation prior to the Sydney Olympics. He is an accredited exercise physiologist with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) as well as a certified coach with triathlon Australia. He has been coaching triathletes and researching the sport of triathlon for 20 years. David has an international reputation as an expert in the physiological aspects of triathlon performance and has published numerous scientific works on aspects of triathlon completion. He is the lead researcher at the Human Exercise Performance Laboratory at the University of Adelaide, Australia. In this position in conduct research concerning the physiological aspects of exercise, triathlon and its component sports. David continues to coach and advice triathletes from novice to elite level. David is passionate about the sport of triathlon and uses his experiences as a coach, scientist and athlete to provide valuable ‘self help’ education experiences for coaches and athletes on a variety of aspects related to triathlon.



Event Type: National
Entry Fee: $24.99 for USAT Members, Coaches and Race Directors; $39.99 for Non-Members
Event Date: Aug. 18, 2014
Start Time: 3:00 PM MST

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